For True Peace, ALL Parties Must Want It

“Abu Mazen has no right to represent the Palestinian People. We will not honor anything he agrees to in Washington DC.” Hamas Spokesperson, Southern Palestine.

One of the most memorable slogans of the 2009 parliament elections in Israel was Avigdor Liberman’s “I Speak Arabic.”

Liberman holds such sufficient pressure on the Prime Minister, due to the number of mandates he controls, that one must hope he is currently practicing his “Arabic.” However, Israelis do not like Liberman, his methods or rhetoric. Even members of his party serve at his will. Who then does respect the Israeli Foreign Minister? The Arabs, who first refused to even meet him, are now his followers and advocates.

Liberman apparently clearly understands the neighborhood in which he lives. In the Middle East, one utilizes Western culture and language as weapons, propaganda and attack tools. But on the ground, there is only one language: power. Respect stems from strength. Ambivalence is translated into weakness, and weakness is equated with an opportunity to conquer.

The situation, incidentally, extends far beyond the Middle East. Russia practices the “bully syndrome” and the world shakes. There is a clear connection since Liberman was born in the former Soviet Union. He apparently was brought up on this ideology and now practices its tenets.

If this is indeed the case, why doesn’t Liberman utilize the Ministry he controls and its hundreds of employees and missions around the world? How can that be explained? What has Liberman done to relate the current situation to the world? Perhaps the mission is too big and requires a more capable Foreign Minister? Or perhaps Liberman, who so eloquently put forth the message everyone understands “I Speak Arabic,” has lost touch with the real objective of his lofty position?

A very clear message is resonating now from the spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. In a weekly lesson he stated, “Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this earth.” Peace-advocating Ishmaelites and the Palestinians Evil? Plague upon them? The Wrath of the God of the Hebrews, Lord of Hosts?

Iraqi-born Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has succeeded in his pronouncement to get the attention of Israel’s enemies, and they did not like what they heard. They make even worse pronunciations week after week, from the pulpits and loudspeakers of the mosques, including that on the Temple Mount. They throw stones at the praying Jews below next to the Western Wall, and all that is acceptable. Yet, in their minds, no one else is entitled to do the same.

There is another minor difference between Rabbi Ovadia and the Muslims. Rabbi Ovadia’s call is one of frustration, a request to end the war against us, a debate with the Almighty asking, “Why?” and “How much longer?” Rabbi Ovadia does not talk about angels or saints. Rather he describes a reality in which the Muslims’ call is one for action-to go out and murder the Jews. Rabbi Ovadia clearly sees what the world refuses to acknowledge, the systematic attempt to annihilate the Jewish people.

True incitement, vile and venomous, is the artifact of the Muslims. They have perfected its meaning and expanded its use to a level of expert craftsman, a witchcraft of the highest form. They served as an example 80 years ago to the Nazis, and to this very day they continue to spread blood liable to the most twisted imaginations.

The Arabs are insulted when they see reality staring them in the face. Liberman and Rabbi Ovadia both succeeded, each for a split second, to get the attention of our Muslim enemies. Pointing out that reality is ugly and can rear its head back at them as effectively as it is being used against Israel. That created an uncomfortable moment, but one that quickly passed.

Since the real essence of the Middle East is the war to eliminate Israel, and since Israel will not fight back nor at the moment successful at protecting herself, one must evaluate the situation beyond the Second-Peace-Prize Obama is eying, or the false pretenses and trumped-up photo-ops in the White House.

Indeed, Obama is intent on forcing Israel to acquiesce to a peace, as false and far removed as it may be from the Western definition of “peace.” One that would translate to weakness of the West, not only Israel, and be exploited against them, much like the long awaited and much publicized American withdrawal from Iraq.

The West is focused on the illusion of peace, and will force it on Israel whatever the cost to her people. The Arab world realizes this “peace” is nothing short of an execution order against the Jewish State, but they care not. Thus, in order for Israel to continue to exist, she must regroup, reevaluate and respond through action.

Defining the road to follow is actually very easy. Israel should desert the Palestinian Authority (PA) via a unilateral disengagement, and pronounce to the world that the PA is ineffective as it is incapable of representing the Palestinian “People.” Instead, Israel should turn to Hamas, a terror organization claiming it is the true representative of the Palestinian People, and work with it toward a desired “peace.”

“Work with it” may translate to “go to war against it,” but that is to those who speak Arabic and understand the Middle East mentality. For the Western ears, we will be “Striving for the elusive peace” and “condemning acts of terror against the Palestinians.”

By cutting off the PA from its sources of funding and international recognition, it will vanish quickly. They are not the moderate alternative they present. They are not much different than Hamas, except that Hamas has the guts to tell it like it is. They are too embroiled in money or corruption to ensure funding gets to the people whom it is supposed to serve.

Such a move will also strengthen Israel, since she will stop acting as a conduit transferring aid to Gaza via the PA. They will also have to face the grim reality of to whom they must look as a partner for “peace.”

What would happen then? Hamas puts forward what the PA is working to achieve through lies and deceit. Hamas wants to DESTROY ISRAEL. Hamas also claims to be the true representatives of the Palestinians, in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, Acre, Jaffe, Haifa and elsewhere in Israel and the refugees around the world. One needs just imagine for moment what will happen to Israel when Hamas takes over and the refugees start arriving. The landscape will resemble an area devastated by a nuclear bomb.

To achieve peace two enemies must sit down across from each other on the same level, even two sworn enemies. Then President Obama may finally see that his attempts at forcing a “peace” needs to be directed at an organization his administration defines as terrorists.

Israel and the Palestinians have wasted two decades, since the Madrid Conference of 1991 and the Oslo Accords of 1993, 17 years ago. In the meantime, the situation has become worse for both parties to these delusional, mistaken and misleading events.

For peace to happen all parties must want peace. The Palestinians do not, and they do everything to continue destroying their archenemy, the Jewish State. They thirst for blood as the Israelis submit, and along with them the world dances around and around and sings in a choir of the unholy. It is truly a carousel of the absurd.

We must depart this sick circus and face reality. The truth is grim, but its exposure to the light of day will bring about healing. The process will be challenging, but at its end, a new world order will emerge, one where fanatic Islam is eradicated, Islam reverts to a religion from a geopolitical movement. Eventually, 21st century civilization will recognize its absence of rationality, as was the case during World War II with Germany, the most advanced society of the time.

Change can only happen when people admit to and face reality. Hope always exists that we will emerge victorious. Anything short of winning means our-Israel’s and the West-complete and utter elimination. The final act of a play that started so long ago is playing in our lifetime. It is still seeking a happy ending.

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Ari Bussel
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