Elusive Peace

“Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis. Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri (“Egyptian”), whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They come from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians. We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are part of you.”

– Fathi Hamad, Hamas Interior Minister, March 23, 2012 on Egyptian TV (by Memri)

To deceive well-meaning Jews, liberals and other innocent people who think that “peace” is better than “war,” the slogan used by the Left is “pro-Peace,” one with a capital “P.”

“Peace” for them means a world devoid of Israel, for Israel is the real obstacle for peace, the root source of evil. What a wonderful scenario it must be, ridding the world of this nuisance, finally achieving tranquility for all time without a Jewish state as a thorn in the Middle East.

no israel
No Israel the only Palestinian solution

It appears that they alone want peace, while in their minds I, and others who strongly support the Jewish State, are right-wing extremists. For them, we loathe both peace and the Palestinians. We are racist, colonialists, a Zionist Occupier. And for those who read my bio and saw my IDF connection – a proud officer and a gentleman – I am undoubtedly also a rapist and a murderer: Like all other brainwashed members of the brutal Occupation forces, we rape women and murder people at point-blank range just for fun.

What separates these “Peace” people from me is that they claim to truly want peace, and to them I am a warmonger. They argue that as a member of this racist, “superior” race of the Chosen Few, I am seeking to cleanse the Land of Israel from the presence of anyone who is not Jewish. Reality, evidently, makes no difference to them.

They alone claim to know the path to peace. It goes via the Occupied West Bank and the Jewish Settlements over Arab lands. It waves its way through Jerusalem, the holy city to Islam, where the Occupation has swallowed East Jerusalem and refuses to let go. It further extends to other cities, from Jaffe to Acre, Beer Sheva to Haifa, but let us leave these to another time, let us liberate the more pressing and obvious places first.

First, these “peace seekers” on the Left wanted “two states living side by side,” but soon they realized the error of their ways. Two States do exist today, one called Israel, the other Jordan. [Wrong! That’s the Right-wing extremist interpretation. Jordan is Jordan, and Palestine must be free from Zionist Occupation!]

Why does the “two-state solution” fail? For the simple reason one state is doing everything to enable its arrival, while the other “partner,” those who call themselves “Palestinians” and the Chorus of Left-liberals, wants only one state to exist. Israel has no place in the Middle East, definitely not between the River and the Sea.

They say so themselves in word and deed, on their maps and literature. Israel must cease to exist and Palestine must rise, liberated and free, to achieve this elusive “Peace.”

Time after time it becomes obvious that two states will not work, that the status quo is quite satisfying; for the moment. “Peace” they shout then blame Israelis it is not here. “Peace” for them means Israel be required to allow “Muslim refugees” to “return,” to accept goods and services from the Palestinians and allow them free travel within Israel. Anything else will be deemed “Apartheid” and evil.

The converse of course is neither expected nor will be allowed: Jews anywhere in Palestine? Filth is not allowed. Blasphemy. Prohibited. Israeli goods and services, even currency, allowed? They are already banning and burning Israeli goods today, wait until this “Peace” reigns.

Free worship, press, right of assembly? Of course, all these are expected exactly as they are practiced and available today under the “brutal” Israeli rule. For a picture of the future, just look at journalists in Gaza, or even under PA rather than Hamas rule, and then wander to Syria or Egypt, Lebanon or Turkey. Try to find these “rights” and natural privileges there.

In short, Israel is good, for it encapsulates all the wishes of both Muslim Arabs and those who crave for a real peace. No one wants to give up on Israel, for it is good there, to Israelis and Arabs alike, Jews and Muslims – and everyone else too!

Approaching the problem with a more academic methodology, I first look at the intentions as they are laid out to the international community: Two states, living side by side, with Israel giving up land – in Judea and Samaria (including parts of Jerusalem) – and the Arabs recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

Well, a young Israeli will ask, “why should I care?” They refuse to recognize us since our rebirth in 1948, 64 years ago. They went to war time after time to eliminate us and still refuse to recognize us. They are sore losers. Just imagine, says this young Israeli with not a shred of hatred in her voice, what an amazing peace we could have had already!

The occasional bystander will add in amazement, but Arabs will not really recognize Israel’s right to exist, for they say a Jewish State is a racist notion! [The numerous Muslim countries are not; only a Jewish state is an aberration of nature.]

Peace, the way Israelis understand, is living side by side, with relative ease of passage, cultural exchanges, commerce, trade and working together toward mutual goals. These may include preventing the spread of diseases, prolonging life, reducing mortality, safeguarding and learning how to share precious limited resources such as drinking water and protecting the environment.

Thus for three decades, this is exactly what Israelis did, going to Egypt and Jordan, investing and cultivating, believing they live in a better reality, that the days of the past will never reemerge from the cemeteries of history.

Stated intentions sound lucrative and inviting. Israelis have lived by them for decades, striving always to put down the weapons, knowing all too well the day they do, there will not be enough space for mass graves, for there will be no Jews left alive on this tiny piece of land.

Arabs however used the plans themselves as weapons, very effective ones. They “strove” for a Peace they did not want but that sounds wonderful to Western ears. Advocating a path that will lead to Israelis letting down their guard, for a brief moment, is all that the Arabs need. Once the throat is slashed, the body separated from the head, all that remains is to lament a life bygone, like that of Daniel Pearl, or rejoice the barbaric act of beheading.

Choose which side you are on, rather than use labels to attack me. Are you with those doing the beheadings or are you with us – those who want to live and celebrate life? The choice is yours, and it is very simple, black or white, life or death. There is no half pregnancy here.

What a creative wish, what an astonishingly ingenious way of defeating the Jews: If not by might and brute force then by smarts, and the Arabs seem to have developed a knack for that trade. Deceit!

Now that the idea of “Two States Living Side by Side” has settled in and is the obvious “SOLUTION” (I am most careful with “Solutions,” for they remind me of the Final Solution), it is possible to relax and expand the notion.

Eighteen years of failed attempts at reaching the Israeli goal of real, lasting peace have taught us nothing. Like parrots we keep repeating: “Give peace a chance; give up more land; capitulate; they only want to live in peace.” We hear it repeated so often that we, too, join the Chorus of the Believers: “The trains will take us to a new beginning.” “They are only work and resettlement camps.”

They slash throats and teach their kids hatred and we say, “We must try again.”

Now they say two states is not what is needed. “One State for All Its People” is the new “Solution” to the Jewish presence between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. Clever, is it not? One state is what they aspired to have all along: One state with no Jewish presence. One state where democracy and the rule of law, free press and a capitalistic society that fights corruption as an immunity mechanism, will no longer be. Nor will there be access to any holy sites. These will cease to exist, their remains, heaps of rubble, mountains of trash, will be pounded into dust as not to serve as evidence anything had ever existed.

The Germans tried to do the same toward the end of the war and cover up their wrongdoings. What a massive undertaking: digging up mass graves and burning the remains. Working methodologically to ensure there is nothing left of those atrocities. Their goal was just, their intentions good: Rid the world of this disease that has inflicted it with ills for two millennia.

The Arabs today continue that work. Those Jews are a stubborn people indeed. They took root and grew, expanded and strengthened. Now they refuse to let go. No water. No natural resources. Wars. Massive waves of often-backward immigrants. Nothing distracted the Jews; nothing stopped their growth.

Look what beautiful young men and women they turned out, look at their creativity and determination. How are we to defeat them – for the benefit of the world, of course?

There is one sure way to bring about the final-final solution. Israelis themselves must be convinced to let down their guard, to stop believing they have a right to exist, to think that they owe a peace to others, lest they become the new Nazis, the modern-era South Africa. They must believe the trains lead to a work camp and no more.

How successful this plan has turned out; for Israelis have fallen into the trap and the quicksand is surrounding them. Amos Oz, Livni, Barak, Peres, the list of names is long and quite impressive. Soon they will start choking, then the final realization.

Wake up, young Israel. Peace can be achieved not by talk, but by deeds. You exist because there is an Israel. You are not murdered because there is a strong army. Your enemies want peace? Let them work to deserve that peace, or let them go again to war.

They are fighting and you do not see. The war is all around you, and you refuse to admit.

The Germans and Japanese only desired “Peace” once they were crushed into nothing. Only then, from the ruins and the ashes, true peace emerged. Today too, “Peace” will not rise from the Palestinian Authority cartoons and music videos, their textbooks or symbolic behavior (from naming squares after terrorists or awarding scholarships for following their examples or burning Israeli goods). Talk is cheap, and the PA/Hamas has excelled in blinding everyone.

So let us stop this nonsense about two states or one state, a final solution or a final-final solution. There cannot be “Two States” where Jews are prohibited from Palestine, but Palestinians have the right to emigrate in millions into the Jewish Israel. It is the very definition of one state, ultimately with no Jewish presence.

Wake up and realize they are not talking about peace, but extinguishing this candle whose light has grown so strong over the past six and a half decades. But the light will refuse to die, for life or the will to live is stronger, and it keeps feeding the light like oxygen.

For a real peace to emerge, the ground must be plowed deeply after a very great fire. It seems the time has come for such a fire to erupt, as it does in cyclical regularity. May we live to see new plants raising their tiny heads, may enough of us be left to enjoy the world after the next World War ends and goodness is reborn in strength.

Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.