Crossfire War: South Lebanon – Iran’s Frontline Against Israel

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Middle East Theatre: Tehran – Beirut/Jerusalem; South Lebanon – Iran’s Frontline Against Israel – Tehran Established Intelligence Bases

Night Watch: BEIRUT – Israeli senior military officials, quoted by Britain’s Daily Telegraph, said that Tehran has invested tens of millions of dollars in order to enable Hizbullah to construct observation-control towers of reinforced concrete and bullet proof reflective glass in order to monitor Israel’s army movements between south Lebanon and northern Israel. [DailyStar]

They added that this amounts to a very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation, that would be obviously very useful in preparation for war with Israel. The officials also mentioned that members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards travel to south Lebanon regularly to continue training Hizbullah in terror operations. Hizbullah declined to comment. Hizbullah was established by Tehran during the 1980’s in the course of the Lebanese civil war, 1975-90, and their attacks forced Israel to withdraw from south Lebanon. The border area remains a constant flashpoint, as does the Gaza Strip.

One of Israel’s officials stated, “Iran’s playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse on our northern border and it could easily spiral out of control at any moment.”

As has stated all along that is precisely what Tehran wants, to cause enough incidents, attacks, which will force Israel to respond massively and not just in southern Lebanon but in Gaza also, even if it means causing Israel to attack as it did in 1967, followed by invasions into Gaza and southern Lebanon. That will provide Tehran its excuse to join the war, in the name of supporting the Palestinian people and regional security, by deploying its brigade size Rapid Deployment Force.

Tehran and other Islamic capitals will give those who attack Israel glorious publicity then prepare to celebrate their martyrdom. Since there is not much market for salt in the Dead Sea Israel is by no means the main objective of the Jihad.

The official is indeed quite right in saying this could erupt at any moment.

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