Crossfire War – Assad ‘Syrian Hands Will Liberate Golan’ – Siniora Threatened

Crossfire War – DAMASCUS WATCH – West Asia Theatre: Damascus/Jerusalem; President Assad “Syrian Hands Will Liberate Golan” – Assad Strikes Out on His Own – Golan Obsession Back – PM Siniora Threatened

Night Watch: DAMASCUS- Beside himself with what he has convinced himself to have been a tremendous Hezbollah victory over Israel, Syria President Bashar Assad has told Egyptian visitors the Arab world has achieved nothing for peace so now Damascus supports “resistance” war. Debka reports that Bashar stated that in 1982 Israel reached Beirut in a week but in the war against Hezbollah after a month of fighting the IDF did not even reach the Litani just 20 miles inside Lebanon. Therefore Assad has taken it upon himself to declare that war – “resistance” is the way for the Arab world to acheive its aims and in Syria’s case Assad decreed, “Syrian hands will liberate Golan.” [DEBKA]

I don’t think the Council of Guardians in Iran share his enthusiasm, they are not the types to get caught up in local or regional hysteria but are instead the cold-calculating directors of it. Especially regarding an area that has only political significance and of no value economically. Tehran is aware that the war in Lebanon has done enough politically and perhaps some second round action, just enough to keep Israel and the West from becoming complacent, but Tehran and their Revolutionary Guards, are not about to commit units to liberate the Golan. Now if Damascus wants to, fine, it will after all generate more stimulating publicity. Tehran will give them their blessing and perhaps some supplies, but again the Golan is not a major recepient of the tightly controlled Tehran-Riyadh Jihad budget. They will say may Allah go with you-goodbye. Tehran has other fronts to direct.

Debka also reports that Assad is now telling Lebanon Prime Minister Fouad Siniora he should go. In that Tehran-Riyadh-Damascus are in complete agreement. They of course view Siniora in the same light as the viewed Prime Minister Rafik Hariri who was assassinated February 2005 just two weeks after Lebanon’s Defense Minister visited Tehran. The Siniora government has also been working closely with the West and has now been completely undermined by the war in Lebanon. It is quite possible that during the second round of fighting he could also be assassinated, with Nasrallah assuming leadership or if not him someone close to Hezbollah-Tehran and in the name of stability. Ending the instablility caused by Tehran.

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