Café Shapira Forum, Israel: Seeking a Return to Commonsense and Zionism

Zionism: a movement established in 1897 as a political organization by Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann. Originally for the re-establishment and now the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now the Land of Israel. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the world’s most persecuted people, constantly exposed to endless hypocritical vilification – the Jews.

While in Israel in 2019, I accompanied Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a member of Café Shapira Forum’s board of directors, to a Forum meeting. There he gave a lecture to members, in the presence of its founder Gali Bat Horin. All I heard was music to my ears. In a Café Shapira Forum event, founded in 2016, you see the Forum’s following slogans: “Returning the logic to the discourse” and “How I’ve fled the Left so long as I have my own mind.”

An email concerning the Forum I received recently from Boaz Haetzni, a proud patriot Zionist-Israeli, prompted me to pen the Forum’s goals, principles, activities and direction.

In recent decades, radical ideas have taken over the discourse in Israel. Without Israelis sensing the drastic changes, these ideas have pulled the rug from under the feet of the people, emptied their values and concepts or replaced them with radical content. Gradually, the central narrative of the State of Israel turned from Zionism to post-Zionism. The main idea of the state of Israel, to be the “national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel” was replaced by “the state of all its inhabitants.” The peace camp, within safe national borders, has become “a human rights discourse” camp that abolishes the very right of a state, in fact any state, to exist.

Politics-Shapiro Cafe Forum-how I've fled the Left so long my mind is still in me
Cafe Shapira Forum poster – [In Hebrew] ‘How I’ve fled the Left so long as my mind is still with me.’ – photo Nurit Greenger
The West’s unholy pairing of four super-ideas has become the greatest threat to Western civilization culture, in general, and to the very existence of the State of Israel, in particular:

  1. Revolutionary Marxist currents that seek to dismantle Western culture, capitalism, and nation-states.
  2. Postmodern currents that dismantle every conventional idea, the categories used for thinking and the logic that organizes it.
  3. Deconstruction: The tool that can disassemble anything.
  4. Political Correctness – The tool that reassembles ideas on behalf of its agenda and implants these ideas into the minds from which independent thought process has been taken away.

Café Shapira Forum was established with the understanding that as long as these theories will dominate the discourse, logical, rational, and Zionist thinking will not be allowed. Therefore, the basis for any correction in society will succeed only if those destructive ideas are eradicated from the discourse.

The success of Café Shapira Forum is guaranteed, because logic cannot be eradicated. It could easily be retrieved once its voice is spoken fluently, confidently, out of knowledge and understanding, and without apology.

Café Shapira Forum aims to undermine the hegemony of radical agendas and pave the way and return to the center of discourse in Israel: the values of Zionism, family, nationalism, Judaism, rationality, liberalism, and pluralism. The overarching goal of the Forum is to restore Zionism and logical thinking to the State of Israel’s discourse center, and together, as a people, put an end to the fear of the rule of political correctness, the extreme feminism violence, the academic deterioration, the media lies, to the radical school agendas and the country’s democracy court domination.

In 2019 Café Shapira Forum became ‘a non-profit for the public’s benefit.’ It is the largest non-academic group in Israel – 9000 academics, intellectuals and critical thinkers. Many of whom, due to being “too” Zionist, have been excluded from their natural central place in the Israeli discourse. Among them are also thousands of former Leftists. In light of the radical change the Left camp had undergone, they felt they could no longer find their place and be part of it: from modernism to postmodernism; from liberalism to totalitarianism; from Zionism to post-Zionism; from society’s enlightenment to post-enlightenment.

Café Shapira Forum, in Israel, as far as it is known to be, is the only body that has set itself the goal of eradicating all of the evil spirit of Progressivism. It has launched a comprehensive attack on Progressivism’s illogical basic ideology, within activist warfare wherever Progressivism takes over.

In Café Shapira Forum’s second meeting, a few years ago, that took place in a south Tel Aviv neighborhood, today the African Infiltrators’ residential center, Dalit Soter (Gali Bat Horin), the forum’s founder asked: “Who here is originally a Right-winger?” Out of some 50 people who attended this Forum’s Facebook group meeting, only three members raised their hand. That is, all other participants were previously Leftists.

Those who are accustomed to the pitiable Right its wisdom is despised, accustomed to conduct political battles and often lose, and because of being too small a group, mostly religious, see in this Forum nothing less than the arrival of critical reinforcements in the midst of a losing battle.

The Forum is about the same critical reinforcement that people in Israel longed for, which never arrived, during the critical periods caused by the Oslo Accords and the withdrawal from Gaza. For those Israelis – Zionists – whose heads are attached to their torso, Café Shapira Forum symbolizes no less than the fulfillment of a dream.

Reason, logic, and what happens in reality play a serious and responsible role among Café Shapira Forum members. Since the Oslo Accords or the withdrawal from Gaza failed, even though they were then part of the national camp that believed in these moves, today they are unwilling to support what has clearly failed.

Although a large number of Café Shapira Forum’s members are secular, Judaism and Zionism are important to them and they are not willing to accept the deletion of these values. They are not prepared to allow the State of Israel, being a Jewish state, to be inundated with migrant workers from Africa; they are also unwilling to live with the paradox being preached and marketed to them, along which, on the one hand Israel must, and quickly, hand over Judea and Samaria to the Arabs, in order to preserve the country’s Jewish majority, and on the other, those same preachers do everything they can not to expel tens of thousands of non-Jewish illegal migrant workers from Africa. The Forum’s sensible members do not buy the definition of “migrant workers,” who actually paid good money to smugglers who brought them to Israel’s border, where they claimed to be “refugees” and “asylum seekers” in order, under humanitarianism to be allowed inland.

Café Shapira Forum’s members understand that not all culture, art, intellect, and wisdom treasures belong only to the Left. Therefore, they want to create a national alternative. They fully understand the Israeli Supreme Court’s destructive political game and predict into what national catastrophe the courts are dragging the entire country.

The Forum’s members have stopped buying the Palestinian lie and due to any concocted false excuse are unwilling to hand over large parts of the country to a terrorist organization. These people have not given up believing in the path of righteousness.

It is possible to go on and on, but the idea here is clear and unambiguous.

Café Shapira Forum has set out to establish a cultural and ideological alternative to the Left in Israel. It is not satisfied with the results of the polls, which are necessary, but not sufficient. The experience of the last 40 years bears witness.

Café Shapira Forum is exactly what does not exist in Europe. Subsequently, the continent is collapsing and being conquered by Muslim immigration. In the United States, such a Forum can help face and oppose the anarchistic Left.

Café Shapira Forum allows the people on the Right to partake in a high-level, reasoned, eloquent group with a national agenda, with a goal to renew the Jewish, Zionist, Israeli discourse in the face of the waves of madness coming from the decaying West.

For its quality, Café Shapira Forum attracts more and more skeptic Leftists who dare to come out of the Leftist closet, in which they are imprisoned. There is now a group that will absorb them, a quality group they can belong to.

In order to “move up a grade” and increase Café Shapira Forum’s activities to a new comprehensive and of magnitude activities, its work must be supported. All theories are good and attractive. Yet, a venture’s activity worthy of its name, its expansion and continuation requires funding.

Unfortunately, the Left has plenty of money coming from all over the world, but not the Right and its supporters.

Balancing the Israeli-Jewish mind requires immediate help. To donate HERE.

Saving the State of Israel from the destructive Left is binding on every Jew wherever he/she is.

With Jewish organizations in America almost obsolete, American Jews now need to establish an organization like Café Shapira Forum in the United States.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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