Arye Gut Memorial – September 10, 2023, City of Netanya, Israel

Arye Gut Memorial – City of Netanya, Israel

On September 10th, 2023, there was a memorial to the late Arye Gut, at the cemetery in Netanya, Israel. It was the one year anniversary of my friend, Arye’s death. We miss him very much.

In the video below, Michael Finkel, a political scientist is the first speaker. Nehemiah Shirin Michaeli is the second speaker. Nehemiah is director of the association for expatriates of Azerbaijani Jews in Israel, which was founded by the late Arye Gut.

Arye died after a long illness, and a special inspirational Award was established in his name by the US-AZ Cultural Foundation Board of Directors. Each year, the special inspirational Award will be bestowed upon individuals or organizations that contribute to strengthening relations between Azerbaijan and Israel.

The US-Azerbaijan Cultural Foundation’s first documentary project, “Through The Blink Of An Eye,” now in production, honors the memory of Arye for his relentless efforts, as a Goodwill Ambassador for both Israel and Azerbaijan. He was instrumental in tightening relations between the two countries, since 1991 after Azerbaijan declared its independence.

Arye was an expert on international relations. He spent more than twenty years building strong relations between the two countries. In Azerbaijan, he was known as Israel’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Born in Baku in 1975, Arye moved to Israel in 2000. At that time, he led the representative office of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center and for years worked diligently to bring Azerbaijan and Israel relations to one success after another.

Arye was a Goodwill Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan and a Goodwill Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Israel and he is sorely missed. He authored more than 700 analytical articles on Turkiye-Israel relations, Israel-Azerbaijan strategic partnership, and geopolitical situation in South Caucasus, Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. See this story.

Arye was featured in our 2019 story, The Land of the Holy Fire.

Arye Gut Memorial - September 10, 2023, City of Netanya, Israel 1

Arye Gut Memorial - September 10, 2023, City of Netanya, Israel 2
Aviel, Arye’s son memorializing his father
Arye Gut Memorial - September 10, 2023, City of Netanya, Israel 3
Participants in Arye Gut memorial service
Arye Gut memorial
Arye Gut memorial
Arye Gut gravesite
Arye Gut gravesite
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