Anniversary is Mixed With End Times Prediction

2008 is the year that celebrates the 60th anniversary of Yom Ha’atzmaut, the Israeli Independence Day that was declared on May 14, 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel.

But it is also the 60th anniversary of the war between Arabs and Israelis, where Ben-Gurion helped Isreal to victory. After the war, he spent years helping Jews get back to Jerusalem — even to the point of developing yet condoning the illegal immigration of thousands of European Jews.

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has stated that Jerusalem’s population has went from 83,984 in 1948 to 729,700 last year, an increase of 2.75%, which is just slightly higher than the national average of 2.4%.

Dr. Todd Perla said that the ongoing return of Jews to Jerusalem is part of a prophecy as well as other things to come. “Isreal is the barometer for which we know we are in the last days” the born-again Christian comments.

Perla has given over the two decades of intense studying the Word of God. He is very passionate about the prophecy of end times written in the book of Revelation, fitting with the entire Bible.

When writing, Perla explains about the rapture of the church occuring near the end of tribulation, a perspective that goes back to the early church fathers and is also supportive in ancient prophecies and teachings of renowed men like Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, and Wesley.

“From the time of Christ’s ascension into heaven”, he continues, “Christians have eagerly anticipated his return. In recent times, more biblical prophecies have been fulfilled, setting the stage for the end times to unfold. The most important signpost for the beginning of the end is the nation of Israel.”

Dr. Perla, who currently lives with his family in Florida, is the author of End Times Church Deception: Are You Ready? . The book talks about Christians being ready for the end times and the challenges being brought in by the coming tribulation. Perla, who continues practicing medicine, believes that the time is now for a complete knowledge of end times events to avoid the end times descrption he writes about.

“Time may be shorter than we think”, he goes on, “and we need to be committed to Christ as we can make the most of every opportunity we have to serve the Lord and evangelize the lost.”

Source: Christian Newswire