Ad Kan & The Nation of Israel’s Unconsciousness of Struggle Syndrome

The renewal of Jews returning to and settling in the land of Israel, a trend that began at the beginning of the 19th century, did not end. Sadly, Ad Kan points out that in general, Zionism and Jewish spirituality are both in retreat.

Ad Kan is one of the organizations in Israel that understands very well the meaning of the Zionism concept, which has to a large extent turned to be secular and void of Judaism. The ‘Ad Kan’ organization is involved in the struggle for the preservation of the homeland.

The organization’s name means up to this point; simply said, so far we have withdrawn, gone retrograde and back; have hesitated and given up and have deteriorated. From here on, only advancing and improving Zionism, move to promote the preservation of the homeland’s lands effectively and with innovation.

During June 2022, while visiting Israel and as I do every visit, I visited the offices of ‘Ad Kan’ in Eli, an urban-communal in the Binyamin Mountains in Samaria, the northernmost Jewish community in the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, located southeast of the city of Ariel.

the Eli community, in Samaria - Wikipedia
the Eli community, in Samaria – Wikipedia

Visiting The Ad Kan Office

What brings me to visit the offices of ‘Ad Kan’ is the possibility to breathe a true Zionist atmosphere and unconditional love of the homeland that is so lacking today in the vastness of the state of Israel.

What frustrates me in my conversations with the Ad Kan team, now counting 26 members, is to realize that the people of Israel are stubborn. They do not want to understand their situation; that the State of Israel is a compactor of mental consciousness in which there is a void in the ideological-value aspect.

The following is a summary of my long conversation with Gilad Ach, the CEO and Founder of the organization, the organization’s lawyer, and some of the team members who sat with me and tossed out statements of facts to fill in my concerns.

Gilad Ach, Ad Kan CEO and Founder - Photo: Nurit Greenger
Gilad Ach, Ad Kan CEO and Founder – Photo: Nurit Greenger

The Essence of ‘Ad Kan’

The ‘Ad Kan‘ organization was founded by a group of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officers and former intelligence soldiers who decided to make a change and fight against the anti-Israel organizations, in Israel and abroad. Anti-Israel operational funding comes from foreign countries and anti-Semitic-anti-Israel bodies. Those elements work non-stop to weaken the state of Israel by slandering it globally and coordinating subversive operations against it.

‘Ad Kan,’ fights to hamper and obstruct the activities and operations of those opposing entities, both in Israel and abroad.

Presently, ‘Ad Kan’ has five departments, each dealing with different aspects of the constant struggle Israel faces:

  • The intelligence and fieldwork department;
  • The research department;
  • The legal department;
  • The policy and administration department;
  • The public relations and media department.

If anyone ever thought that Israel’s war for independence ended in 1948, they are mistaken. The war against the Jews and for the land of Israel is ongoing.

The Endless War

Already in ancient Biblical times the people of Israel felt the sword of death on their flesh: “And Abner called to Joab and said, ‘Will forever the sword destroy, did you not know that it will be bitter at the end…~ Samuel II: 2:26.'” And the meaning of the verse is, will the sword kill forever, or will we reach the day when it will cease?

Jews were and are killed by Arabs in the land of Israel for centuries and till today. The fight is territorial. The Arabs who have an illegitimate claim to the land, a claim that is stuck in the minds of the international community as part of its proverbial anti-Jews-antisemitism, do not want the Jews to be in their ancestral land.

Ad Kan Logo
Ad Kan Logo
Ad Kan logo portion, in the shape of Israel
Ad Kan logo portion

Ad Kan Activities

‘Ad Kan Youth for Israel’ is an Israeli non-profit organization engaged in conducting investigations and public activities against phenomena that, in its members’ opinion, harm the strength and image of the State of Israel. The organization infiltrates people into organizations it perceives as anti-Israel, with the goal of gathering information about those harmful organizations’ activities, publishing the findings in the media or handing them over to the law authorities so they can open an investigation case-file.

Promo of Ad Kan upcoming “Hashtulah” TV series in which they inserted a female agent, in a disguised manner, into European organizations that actively help subvert Israel through Arab activities; the agent documented from the inside these organizations’ illegitimate activities which the series will expose:

To this day, since the end of the Six Day War of 1967, the governments of Israel have not reached a permanent agreement regarding the territories of Judea and Samaria that were liberated from Jordan’s illegal occupation that lasted 19 years. The Arabs, with the help of the European Union (EU) governments, are not waiting for the failed politics to heal. They want to determine facts on the ground without notifying the State of Israel and against all the agreements signed in Oslo in 1993-1995.

In those Oslo agreements, it was generally agreed, if the Arabs fulfill the requirements of the agreements and it must be said that they have failed this aspect miserably, to establish a Palestinian state on the lands of the state of Israel of Judea and Samaria. The region was divided into three: Area ‘A’, Area ‘B’ and Area ‘C’.

The 1995 Oslo II Accord divided Judea and Samaria into three administrative divisions of different statuses:

  • Area ‘A’ comprised approximately 18% of the territory;
  • Area ‘B’ about 22%, and
  • Area ‘C’ 60% of the territory.

Administration Of The Three Areas

  • Area ‘A’ is exclusively administered by the Palestinian Authority (PA);
  • Area ‘B’ is administered by both the PA and Israel, mostly the security aspect; and
  • Area ‘C’, which contains all the Israeli communities, is administered by Israel only.

At the time of signing the Agreement, Areas ‘A’ and ‘B’ were chosen in such a way as to contain a majority of Arab-Palestinians, by drawing lines around Arab-Palestinian population centers; all areas surrounding Areas ‘A’ and ‘B’ were defined as Area ‘C’.

Since over the years the Oslo Agreements have proven to be a complete failure and a mistake that is difficult to correct, the Arabs decided that the solution is to occupy the territories by any means possible. To insert a realistic dimension of theirs into what has become further and further away from reality. The Arabs already see the territories of Areas ‘A’ and ‘B’ as their own. Now it remains to occupy Area ‘C’ where over half a million Jews live.

EU Government Intervention

Under the Palestinian Authority leadership, a mechanism that manages the campaign on Area ‘C’ was established. Under this mechanism is the Ministry of Local Government which receives its budget from the European Union (EU). Every European government that finances the Arabs’ Area ‘C’ occupation activities process is in charge of financing a certain area of Judea or Samaria that is assigned to it.

Every European government that is involved in helping the Arabs to conquer Area ‘C’ provides people who help with the planning and budgets intended for these hostile activities and thus they promote the aid for the loss of Area ‘C’ while Israel is in a deep coma at the wheel and while the Arabs are determining facts on the ground.

Israel Asleep

A shocking situation. Yes. What the State of Israel is doing to fight this situation is even more shocking. Nothing! Israel looks the other way and sweeps the glaring facts before her eyes under the carpet. Israel deliberately ignores these facts.

Unequal Application of Laws

It turns out that the civil administration in charge of the Judea and Samaria territories intentionally does not enforce the law on the Arabs but it enforces the laws on the Israeli-Jews; an illusory reality for everything and even more so. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has several arms. With one it infiltrates and dominates more and more of Area ‘C’; with the second arm it operates agents who infiltrated the civil administration who work in the administration as clerks and receive a salary from the Israeli taxpayer. These agents have already been exposed by ‘Ad Kan’. These double agents work at the same time for the reprehensible Arab-Palestinian cause while thwarting security.

Double Agents

A common scenario: every time an Arab wants to sell land to a Jew and submits his request for permission to the establishment, these double agents pass the information to the Palestinian Authority who immediately arrests him and he goes through a series of tortures and in the end he gives up on the idea to sell land to a Jew.

Establishing The Counter-Mechanism

Gilad wants the state of Israel to establish a body that will argue to the European countries that their interfering actions are penetrating internal Israeli Arab matters and purely belong to the relations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in which they must not interfere. The State of Israel must set a red line and tell the European countries that with their actions they are infringing on the sovereignty of the State of Israel and that any such intervention is considered hostile.

But ‘Ad Kan’ has come to know that the State of Israel is not acting as it should be expected of it and this endangers the existence of the State. That’s why they picked up the gauntlet and decided to establish a complete system that fights the piratical encroachment of the Palestinian Authority on Area ‘C’.

Existential Threat To The State of Israel

How to fight a phenomenon that endangers the existence of the State of Israel?

Israel cannot go back to the 1948-1967 ceasefire lines. Also, most anti-Israel activities are built on a mountain of lies. The way people use terminology that undermines the foundations of the State of Israel is most influential. The term ‘to settle’ from which the word settlers derives comes from the Hebrew word nahala, meaning, to establish a community, cling to the land; the word ‘settlers’ comes from the Hebrew word Yishuv, meaning, to lodge, to live. Two terminology concepts that every country uses but when it refers to Jews they have become derogatory. Enemies of the State of Israel attack the Jewish settlers and settlements in Judea and Samaria with these terminology concepts which they use as destructive poison.

Gilad explains that in order to fight the situation one must understand the motivation, the sources of funds that finance these activities and most importantly, who the State of Israel faces. And unfortunately the State of Israel is not acting on the matter as it should.

‘Ad Kan’ team investigates and studies the subject of the problem, in depth, and makes covert moves to study the activity of the enemy and builds a case on the subject, whether it is a certain person or an organization. After that ‘Ad Kan’ comes into actual action. The method is to take a hammer and a chisel and attack subject by subject, using the hewing method.

Investigation, Documentation and Reporting

‘Ad Kan’ does not have the powers of the state and has no intention of replacing the role of the state. But the organization took it upon itself to operate in two arenas: one is the intelligence that investigates, in depth, and documents the facts; the other is the public to whom ‘Ad Kan’ team brings the documentation of the facts so the public can see and experience them and then influence the elected officials to act on the issue. And if necessary, ‘Ad Kan’ also operates in the legal arena when there is a legal or criminal reason and is also active in the parliamentary arena. This is Ad Kan’s way to influence, whether by legislative means, legal processes and media exposure.

Intelligence Gathering

‘Ad Kan’ information base, and here it differs from any other similar activities, is that they bring intelligence from the field itself. It should be noted here that the security apparatus of the State of Israel does not touch on the security issues that have been touched upon by ‘Ad Kan’. To Gilad’s dismay, no one in the government of Israel wants to take responsibility and deal with the information that ‘Ak Kan’ has placed on their desk. Therefore, the matter is passed from desk to desk, from department to department, with a loss of valuable time and the handling of the matter does not move toward action or perhaps a solution.

Operating In A Vacuum

‘Ad Kan’ activities are held in places where the State of Israel leaves a burning vacuum for its existence. Such as activity in the international arena where opponents distort the state’s image and open international lawsuits against IDF soldiers for which the state has no response. Or activity in the process of the Palestinian Authority’s encroachment and takeover of Area ‘C’, which can be called an illegal occupation. Or activity against anti-Zionism organizations that gain momentum when anti-Zionism is an act of rebellion against Israel’s sovereignty where the State has territorial integrity. Or, activity against Israeli Arabs, Israeli passport holders, who act to subvert the State of Israel. The violent riots by Israeli Arabs, that took place in May 2021 in several cities in Israel, where there is mixed Arab-Jewish population are a prominent example and have caught the Israeli authorities by complete surprise.

Long-Term Projects

‘Ad Kan’ are working all the time and at the same time on complex and long-term projects, on an international level, that affect Israel and touch the foundations of the Jewish and democratic state and how the state’s image appears in the international arena.

Many Israelis Have Given Up

It is worth noting that the majority of the Jewish population in the State of Israel has reached the point of nothingness and despair. Because they believe there is no solution and there is nothing they can do about all the issues that the members of ‘Ad Kan deal with, hence the general indifference.

'Ad Kan' surveillance - Photo Ad Kan
‘Ad Kan’ surveillance – Photo Ad Kan
Arab terrorism behavior 'Ad Kan surveys - photo Ad Kan
Arab terrorism behavior ‘Ad Kan surveys – photo Ad Kan

The New Israel Fund (NIF)

In general this organization is hostile to Israel. It provides funds to 800 organizations and subsidizes each organization with 250,000 euros and causes Israel distress when it gives the state’s resources to its enemies. It is NIF that caused the affirmative action in the State of Israel which gives Arabs enrolment preference in Israeli universities.

The Point of View of the Europeans

Many Europeans claim that there is no such thing as a Jewish state. That’s why they assist the Arabs in their systematic occupation process through the colonization of all the territories of Judea and Samaria, which before 1967 were under illegal Jordanian occupation. This means that the Europeans are violating the international law that sees these territories legally belonging to the State of Israel, not even disputed as the State of Israel, without thinking first, agreed to this condemning term.

The Europeans are aware that construction in Area ‘C’, which they fund, is illegal. But they contribute to these actions and recommend that they go on with the Arab trend of construction. This takes place on Israeli lands which the Arabs consider illegally “occupied” by the Jews. The Arabs understand that their occupation of the State of Israel is through building their settlement and not only in the territories of Judea and Samaria. And this was clear with the Arabs’ violent riots in several cities of the State of Israel, in May 2021.

The State of Israel

Where did the ideology on which the state of Israel was built flee to?

It is clear, Israel suffers from battered woman syndrome. The Israelis are unable to properly stand up against the Polish feudal lord, now replaced by the Arabs with the support of the Europeans and the international political system. The people’s values have collapsed; there is no delving deep into matters, everything is materialistic and many are influenced by the corrupt media.

Israel also suffers from a lack of leadership or from an incompetent leadership that does not outline a clear path and these days there is no “king” in Israel, as the Bible cites: “In those days there is no king in Israel; each man does what he sees fit” ~ Judges chapter 17:verse 6.

With the lack of leadership and the failed civil administration that supposedly manages Judea and Samaria, Israel finds itself in a spinning wheel and is unable to maintain the status quo lines when it also combines in its actions the slime of the media and personal ideology.

Unfortunately for us, the State of Israel is being eaten from within by the political left that controls most of the state’s government institutions, including the State Attorney’s Office. The law in the country is upside-down.

‘Ad Kan’ team sees Yair Lapid, the current and unelected interim Prime Minister of Israel, until the next elections in November 2022, the face of ideological nothingness, an empty vessel. Lapid and his supporters are the punishment that the left imposes on the State of Israel. This punishment is a process of self-destruction and with them they sweep away the entire nation.

What’s more, the left in Israel, to which Lapid belongs, has adopted a psychological fear that prevents it from decisively confronting the Arabs, the enemies of the state, who are subverting its foundation for destruction.

Although the people of Israel are facing great challenges, the fear of facing them paralyzes them.

My Own Assessment

Remorphing the Nazis is what is taking place all over the world, i.e. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are the remorphing of Nazi youth on US campuses. Antisemitism and isolating Jews from the public sphere is a growing trend.

More so, Jews all over the world tend to erase from their mind who were the Nazi supporters in WW2. That label falls on a large segment of the Muslim and Arab world and especially on the Arabs that are mislabeled “Palestinians.” Jews have erased from their mind who, during Nazi Germany, was the “The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem” who offered his full support to Hitler. Jews have forgotten that Muslims fought as complete units in the Nazi army and today too much of all that is taking place that can usher a repeated history once again.

The voice of the anti-Semites has risen above the level of civil discourse and it seeks to ban Jews from institutions of higher learning in the US and end cooperation between Israeli universities and universities abroad. This is a serious threat to every American Jew and along with it to Israel. The pain is mutual without political or countries’ borders. It is time for all Jews, wherever they are, to wake up to these threats and take steps to counter it wherever it is encountered.

Where Is This Horrid Situation Leading?

The Arab ideology is simply Nazi ideology. Literally they want to spill Jewish blood. It is necessary they must be fought.

The Jewish public in Israel must take the reins in its own hands. They must choose a Zionist leadership that advocates unquestionable sovereignty over all the lands of Israel. And of course advocates the love for the Land of Israel and patriotic devotion.

The citizens must take the law into their own hands and this process already started during Operation Guardian of the Walls, in 2021, when Israeli Arabs rioted in several cities. The policemen left their duties and the citizens fulfilled their posts and defended the Jewish residents in those cities being attacked by local Arab residents.

If the State of Israel continues to allow hostile Israeli Arabs, I.e., Ahmed Tibi who advocates Nazi ideology, to members of the Knesset and the Arab Nazi trend that fuels the state continues, the result will be that they will finish off the Jews, i.e., a Holocaust.

Don’t let the Jews forget or take everything for granted.

The purpose of the ‘Ad Kan’ organization is to put the people of Israel on the right path.

Ad Kan Jewish New Year 5783 greeting
Ad Kan Jewish New Year 5783 greeting
Nurit Greenger
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