Academy Award Nomination for ‘Paradise Now’ Deplored

Academy Award Nomination Leads to Revocation Petition

Yossi Zur holds a picture of his son
Yossi Zur holding a picture of his son.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for March 5 – three years to the day that his son was murdered.

A commentary, authored by Zur, was published last month.

The commentary inspired an online petition calling for the Academy to revoke the Oscar nomination. The petition, which contains more than 29,000 signatures, can be found at

The film tries to say that suicide bombings are a legitimate tactic for those who feel they’ve exhausted all other means of resistance.

Palestinian suicide bombers have an ever-increasing incentive to kill themselves and anyone who get in the way. Prior ro 2002, the families of these poor palestinians would receive $10,000 for killing themselves and Israelis. Then in 2002, Saddam Hussein increased the payments to $25,000. With Saddam out of the way, Iran stepped in, paying from $50,000 to $100,000 per bombing. This appears to move bombings from resistance firmly into the murder for hire category.

Collage of Asaf in the Zur home
Collage of Asaf, in the Zur’s home, with In Memory of Asaf written in Hebrew across the top

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