A ‘Palestinian Virus’ Attacks Israel

Israel is sick, wandering between moments of lucidity and hallucinations. The body was attacked by a rare form of virus, a Palestinian Virus (“PV”).

Sixty-four year old, as if its rebirth was just yesterday, Israel still feels young, strong and able to endure and withstand whatever comes about, resist whatever attacks it may suffer.

But this illness is unlike any other. There were colds and flus, the occasional broken rib, arm or leg, regular checks for lumps or newly discovered irregularities. Until this virus hit. At first, the body almost succumbed, being unaware of how to handle the new phenomenon.

Once recovered, at least on the surface, it tried to resume the semblance of normalcy, but how could it? Will Israel succeed in its attempt to overcome and continue?

Once Palestinians were recognized for what they are: terrorists. They kidnapped and hijacked, murdering in cold blood. They moved from one neighboring country to another, forcing themselves upon their Arab brethren who did not want their presence or proximity.

They were despised and feared, and they understood that to achieve their goals, they needed to enter the body Israel itself. So, they changed their modus operandi, seemingly losing their terrorist aspirations and became “a People.”

Arafat was the greatest magician of all time. An Egyptian himself, he knew that his archenemies had something he did not: They had a dream. They were united. Every holiday, every prayer, each wedding and even burial, there was yearning and hope-Next Year in Jerusalem!

Jews had a history, a Temple Mount, a Book in which Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times. They had struggled and succeeded, time and again. His Predecessor had managed to exterminate some six million before he was stopped in his tracks.

Even the help extended to Hitler by the Mufti was insufficient, but therein lay the secret: The flame was still alive, the hatred as galvanizing as ever. The Brits left. The Jews, few, untrained and unequipped were attacked and invaded, but they prevailed. Something strange was going on and brutal force alone was not enough.

Arafat knew to succeed he must invade Israel and become part and parcel of the body itself, and only then attack from within. If he succeeded in taking over the mind, the heart and the liver, the body would succumb, and he would be remembered forever. His legacy immortalized: He who liberated the world once and for all from this heinous defilement, the disease-carrying Jews.

Indeed, it mattered not if he were alive; he needed only to lay the groundwork for his plan. Once he invaded the body, his minions could do the work, multiply and spread, working as an organized army. Unlike the Jews, his are disciplined soldiers who follow orders, being fed what he wanted them to hear and see. Arafat’s robots would ensure his plan would succeed!

Neither mortality nor frailty frightened Arafat. He knew that once a dream was constructed and the groundwork set, it would be close to impossible to reverse direction.

And so, the arch-terrorist became a Nobel Laureate and thus began the irreversible path to Israel’s destruction.

The first notation on our medical chart is some eighteen years ago, the Oslo Accords. “Israelis believe they must return to the 1967 borders because they prevent an ancient people who want their land back from achieving statehood after years of being refugees in exile.”

These ancient people (whom the Israelis prevent from obtaining what is rightfully theirs) want their houses, to which they keep the keys, back. They want their holy places, theirs and theirs alone, as they insist there was never any Jewish presence or real holding, it is all Israeli Brutal Occupation, Zionist Propaganda and Sick Jewish Imagination.

Israeli political leaders, the judges of the Supreme Court, the main authors and thinkers and the Israeli media all turned, charmed, toward Arafat. His became their call. Jewish Israelis in Judea and Samaria became evil settlers, stealing Arab lands, uprooting olive trees, preventing peace.

Since they wear yarmulkes, they were no different in the eyes of mainstream, secular Israelis from the European Jews who kidnapped children to use their blood for Passover Matzos. Blood libels prevailed calling out “Oh, those evil Jewish settlers.”

Arafat, adept at mind control, managed to send signals throughout the body that this is the right thinking, and it thus became the norm to Israel’s ongoing detriment.

Now controlling the mind, it was time for Arafat to take over the heart, the organ pumping conviction and determination, strength and courage, circulating them throughout the body and ensuring they reach the brain. The heart was the IDF, and the disease soon spread there. The army became weak, and resolve eroded. The army became open and outside criticism was welcomed, then censorship disappeared.

The next notation on our medical chart is made in the summer of 2006 as the Israeli army is exposed in all its weakness. The body survived and a treatment was prescribed, but it took four years, a new Chief of Staff and a complete overhaul. At the end of the term, signs were evident that full recovery was not achieved. The army was embroiled in yet another scandal.

Note to self: The body is so weak, the next jolt, or the next one after that, will achieve the goal.

There was a slight tremor at the end of 2008 beginning of 2009 with a momentary realization of lucidity. The brain sent a signal that eight years of constant bombardment from Gaza should not be accepted in silence any more. This was nothing but a momentary lapse in Arafat’s total mind control, which was immediately fixed. Recurrence is not expected.

Like a person under the influence of drugs, this episode of momentary lucidity was expected but easily overcome. The new mantra was repeated again and again: The Palestinians. Their rights. Their aspirations. The Jews are the new Nazis. We are bad. We are evil. We must be destroyed.

And so we arrive at 2012. A new notation: The ability of the liver to separate and dispose poisons them is quickly diminishing now so overwhelmed by the task at hand. Once the liver stops functioning, other systems will fail too. The long anticipated and eagerly awaited death will come.

This PV is powerfully potent yet patiently latent. It resides for a long time, spreading methodologically, taking hold, gaining strength and refusing to let go. Eighteen years, but who is counting? The body is now controlled by this PV, and diagnosis is necessary but not sufficient. Israel cannot fight the PV alone, and moments of lucidity are nothing more than irregular beats of a failing heart. A treatment is necessary, but one must be prescribed.

What treatment will work now that the mind and much of the heart are diseased and the liver is struggling?

What Israel needs is an electric shock. One whereby all the systems suddenly collapse, and when they resume, the rhythm returns and the shock so great that all elements previously under control are freed, remembering their distance, disease-free past and true essence or cease to exist.

This shock must be greater than anything Israel has experienced in its 64 years as a modern nation.

Will the necessary shock be of the same magnitude as the Holocaust? Note to doctor: Must ponder as not certain.

Alas, the body seems to be functioning well. Israel is becoming more and more like New York or Hong Kong. The economy withstood the latest global tsunami. The rich are getting richer. Life is fascinating, and politics never stops astonishing even the most experienced among Israelis.

Israel is not much different than America, with a failing educational system, a miserably performing health system and a bankrupted social security blanket full of holes. Is that what Israel should be striving to be? Is this pathway to happiness and prosperity good? Clearly not.

Outward behavior and the inclination to look and behave like others are not what have separated Jews from everyone else. It is absolutely not what has allowed them to survive when others dissipated into the dust of history.

The Jewish State is now distant from its roots. The Bible is no longer a living part of the Body Israel. Religious Jews are maligned and labeled as leprous and outcasts by the secular leftist-elites, a reflection and transference of the PV look at all Israelis and Jews wherever they may be.

Arafat, so successful the virus you injected into the Body Israel, it spread beyond one’s wildest imagination. You are gone, but your disease still operates, relentlessly spreading, ongoing, progressing, never stopping. It will stop when the Body Israel dies and it alongside, inside. It seems Israel time and again succumbs to your design. You set out to defeat its God, and bystanders are now convinced you have a reasonable chance to succeed.

Were you, the most Devilish of all, able to create a PV for which there are no antidotes, no recourse and no remedies? Of course not! You set out to destroy the God of the Jews, but the Lord of Hosts cannot be destroyed. He who has created Heaven and Earth will forever be, and your design, enabled by the Devil, will fail, for it must.

God will arrive in all His glory to save a patient most dear to Him, for He has chosen Israel of all the nations to dwell within them, His people.

Our diagnosis is grim, and the state of the patient, all outward appearances aside, is not less grim. However there is hope, there is a future, there is a healthy, non lethal prospect at the end of this very dark tunnel.

As the Prophet Amos said (9:13-15): “Here days are coming, says the Lord, that the plowman will join the reaper and the one treading grapes in the one who sows the seed; and the mountains will drip sweet nectar, and all the hills will be full of content.

“And I will return the captivity of My people Israel, and they will build ruined cities and will inhabit them, and they will plant vineyards and drink their wine, and they will make gardens and eat their fruits.

“And I will plant them on their land, and they will no more be deserted away from their land that I have given them, so said the Lord thy God.”

How? That is already told in Psalms 29:11:

“God will give strength to His people, God will bless His people with Peace.”

Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.