A Call to Secretary Clinton: ‘The Elusive Peace’

“The folks who yell the loudest about the … long failure to fix this problem are some of the same folks standing in the way of good faith efforts to fix it.” President Obama

“The only path to ensure Israel’s future as a secure and democratic Jewish state is through a negotiated two state solution and a comprehensive regional peace. … It is always easier to defer or criticize tough decisions than to make them. It is always easier to sit on the sidelines than to roll up your sleeves. It is always easier to doubt than to trust.” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to President Shimon Peres, 15 September, Jerusalem

A funny thing happened to me this morning as I was walking past Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. I noticed the US Flag waving on a 60′ tall pole with the State of California Flag above.

No one paid attention to the fact our nation’s flag had been demoted to a lower status than that of one of the 50 states. An ominous sign? A maintenance worker I approached promised to call this to the attention of the students enrolled in the ROTC program that combines schooling and college education with training and commitment for military service. They are responsible for raising the flag and will hopefully take corrective action.

The honest mistake of reversing the flags was not the issue, the fact no one paid attention or noticed was alarming. We are OK with burning the flag, spitting on it, tearing or otherwise mutilating it, but the most basic pride in “THIS IS MY FLAG” is somewhat faltering.

Things have greatly changed since years past, and the school is surrounded with a fence and guards with walkie-talkies. It sits on a six square blocks lot, an impressive size by any benchmark. The windows and doors of the buildings are covered with metal bars and there is a guard at each entrance.

Most noticeable for me is the “smoke shop” immediately across the road from the school’s main entrance. When it opened there was a public outcry, insufficient to prevent its opening. It is the “right” of the owner to have all smoking related merchandise at arm’s length of children, waiting, luring, enticing and calling to them. There is a sign prohibiting the sale to minors, but without enforcement, the store remains a testament to “we will go overboard to ensure rights;” everyone else’s rights.

At times it behooves us, as a society, to say no for all the right reasons and to stand on our right for sanity. In this case, a school vicinity to be clean of drugs (at any level – from “medicinal” marijuana, to smoking paraphernalia), liquors, prostitution, arms and gangs. What a clever idea, maybe then we would not need all those metal protective bars and patrolling guards.

The proposed peace-and-understanding-and-bridge-building Mosque near Ground Zero is more of the same. It may be “the right of the property owner” but its proper place is not where it is proposed. In fact, the property owner is not as altruistic as it may have seemed.

For five to six times what he paid, i.e. for a quick mega-buck (15 to 20 million dollars), he is willing to sell the property off. Poof, out went bridge building in the air of capitalism and profiteering.

There is much America needs to contend with, from a faltering educational system to a geopolitical movement (Islam) threatening to overtake us. We fail in addressing these issues because there are greater concerns, such as the rights of others, the President’s worldview and a nation still engrossed in a hope and change that never came.

Secretary of State Clinton knows how to speak and is excellent at giving advice. In a meeting with Israel’s President today she seemed to know better than the Israelis whose fate and continued existence are on the line.

For 17 years the same shenanigans have occurred. Israel’s foes stand to gain more with the passage of time, and they truly do not want peace. “Peace” is a buzzword used by Israel’s enemies to disguise the deep anti-Semitic hatred flowing through their veins. Hamas, the true spokesperson of the Palestinians has clearly stated its objective: destroy the Jewish state. And Mrs. Clinton, for the sake of her grandchildren from her daughter’s Jewish husband, is concerned for Israel.

Israel will definitely not survive if she continues submitting to President Obama’s appeasement policies. A “two state solution” is nothing but a farce, which every one knows will never sustain a peace.

Mrs. Clinton talks about a comprehensive regional plan, so one must indeed examine that goal: Israel already has peace agreements with her neighbors to the south and the east. To the north and northeast she can reach normalcy and peace – with both Lebanon and Syria. The problem lies in the next outer concentric circle, Turkey and Iran, and there is the obstacle.

Without the support of the axis of evil, Hezbollah and Hamas will reveal their true objective: terrorist organizations in strategic locations to harm Israel. They are neither needed nor helpful in reaching a goal of comprehensive peace. Without them the neighborhood could actually focus on producing peace and enhancing current neighborly relations.

Mrs. Clinton is clearly aware of the situation in the Middle East. But despite her attempt at the Office, Obama is the First Man, and under his direction Israel is to be sacrificed on the altar of appeasement to the Muslim world. Little does he understand, or perhaps by design, he is deliberately sacrificing Israeli security.

So where do we stand? Israel should reply that “Israel is the one that has for almost two decades made all the tough decisions in an attempt to reach peace with the Palestinians. Israel has not sat on the sidelines, but paid with the blood of her citizens for 18 long years while Palestinian terror was afflicted on her citizens with ever increasing hatred and vigor. Israel has rolled up her sleeves, prevented construction and done everything to control her citizens. For nine years thousands of enemy rockets were launched with no response from Israel. On the other side, incitement is rampant, taught from an early age in schools, at playgrounds, on TV and the Internet.”

Mrs. Clinton, we listen to your every word, we have already “done that, been there, tried it all time and time again.” With the utmost respect, possibly the U.S. should look inward at its less than perfect situation at home.

There are those who claim that the United States of America is enslaving poor immigrants who want the same opportunities and privileges as Americans. Why not legalize all those illegal immigrants in your midst?

Some moan about the Mexicans and other people of Latin origin who have suffered greatly, as have Indians. They say they all have a greater right to the great land of America and there should be restitution. Why not hand over the land that has been taken by force, by deceit and in an illegal manner – from New York to Boston, Chicago to San Francisco, Miami to Los Angeles? America, you see, some consider occupied.

Mrs. Clinton, you have shown you care about Israel, so do something before it is too late. Show what true leadership is all about and act. Defend the Jewish State and rail against the administration’s efforts to place Israel at greater risk. You will be doing a great favor for the great country of the U.S. of A, since Israel’s destruction will greatly weaken the United States.

Trust your instincts, doubt and wait no longer. In your own words:

“It is always easier to defer or criticize tough decisions than to make them. It is always easier to sit on the sidelines than to roll up your sleeves. It is always easier to doubt than to trust.”

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Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.