Moein Mohammadi Summoned to Prison In Yazd

On May 6, Moein Mohammadi, a Baha’i citizen was summoned to the punishment implementation office and told he must report to prison within 10 days.

Moein Mohammadi Arrested

Moein Mohammadi
Moein Mohammadi

Moein Mohammadi was arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on January 9, 2019. At the end of March, he was sentenced to six years in prison by the Revolutionary Court in Yazd (Iran) and was released on bail on April 10.

In July, the Review Court for the Province of Yazd reduced his sentence, for “propaganda against the regime” to one year of electronic surveillance by wearing a tracking bracelet.

He was required to remain within the city of Yazd and the associated industrial park where he works.

The Prosecutor objected to the Review Court’s decision and the case was re-tried in Iran’s Supreme Court, which overturned the Review Court decision and returned the case to the Revolutionary Court where the Judge sentenced him to the maximum penalty for membership of groups opposed to the regime – 31 months and 16 day.

Then the judge deducted the 12 months Moein Mohammadi wore an ankle bracelet to give a sentence of 19 months and 16 days.

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The Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA) reported this even in 2018. HRANA reported that Moein Mohammadi was detained by security forces. He was an environmental activist and was subsequently transferred to an unknown location.

Iranian security searched his house and also his father’s house. They took mobile phones, laptops, some books and personal belongings, even though the inspection order only specified Mr. Moein Mohammadi’s house.

HRANA reports increasing human rights violations against Iran’s Baha’i community and the arrest of the religion’s members.

In 2018, at least 58 Baha’i students who successfully passed the national university entrance exam were barred from enrolling in higher education. In addition, at least 11 Baha’i university students were expelled.

HRANA estimates there are three hundred thousand Baha’is living in Iran. Baha’i is not recognized as a religion by the Iranian Constitution. Only Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are.

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Six Baha'is arrested in Shiraz
Six Baha’is arrested in Shiraz in 2018.
Mohammad Zolfaghari
Mohammad Zolfaghari is a Baha'i News reporter and human rights defender who worked exclusively on Human Rights Violations especially religious minorities in Iran and as a documentary maker with Amnesty International. He lives in Norway.