Iran, Covid-19: “40% of Population Contracted Coronavirus in Some Provinces”

The spokesperson for Iran’s Health Ministry said 134 people had died of Coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Alireza Raeisi, the regime’s Deputy Health Minister, told the state-controlled website, Alef, yesterday, “In some provinces, such as Qom and Gilan, about 40 percent of the population suffer from Coronavirus. In Tehran, the infection is about 15% … As the Ministry of Health, it was in our interest that the reopening did not happen, but there are people that cannot make ends meet if they do not work daily. … We are not past the first peak of the outbreak yet. Sometimes a few provinces get caught up and then other provinces. The virus continues to spread across the country.”

In Tehran, Zali, head of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce (NCCT), the IRGC news agency, Fars, yesterday, “14 to 20 percent of Tehran’s population have been infected with Coronavirus.”

In Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, the number of Coronavirus inpatients has increased by 144% in five days. “The number of inpatients from 595 on June 31, has increased to 1340 as of today,” reported Fars news agency.

According to Javan daily, the IRGC affiliated website, the president of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences said today, “The number of infected people has exceeded 5,000. In other words, in two weeks, the number of patients in Bushehr Province has more than doubled.”

Iran coronavirus update june25 2020
Iran coronavirus update june25 2020. Source PMOI/MEK

Children Among Victims

In Golestan, according to the state television and radio news agency, the president of the University of Medical Sciences reporting of 460 patients hospitalized in the province’s health centers, said, “We may face a shortage of beds in Gonbad Kavus Hospital in the next two or three days. Children are also infected with the virus.”

In Kermanshah, the vice-president of the Medical Sciences University was quoted by IRGC’s mouthpiece Javan, yesterday, as saying, “Every day, our beds are increasing as are the number of patients and the dead … If the situation continues as such, we will certainly face an extremely difficult situation.”

In East Azerbaijan, the president of the Medical Sciences University in Tabriz told ISNA on June 24, “The number of new Coronavirus patients in the province has risen from 300 to 450 daily.”

Despite the Red State, Friday Prayers to Go Ahead

According to IRNA news agency, yesterday, “10 people died of Coronavirus last night in Gonbad alone,” despite “the gravity of the situation in Golestan, and the spread of the virus in many regions, turning the situation to red, the Friday prayers are scheduled to be held this week in 13 cities in the province.”

In Fars, a member of Shiraz City Council told the Tasnim news agency on June 24, “Now, centers for treatment and recuperation are again facing the high number of outpatients, hospitalizations, and the rising number of deaths because of Coronavirus.”

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