York Voted Best UK Destination

York has been voted the Best UK Destination at the Group Leisure & Travel Awards 2017. York faced stiff competition during the awards beating London, Birmingham and Manchester, among several other locations, to be voted the best destination in the United Kingdom to visit in 2017.

Groups voted for York based on destinations and attractions.

The groups voting included retired associations, sports clubs and social clubs. “We’re absolutely delighted. York is lucky enough to be packed full of amazing attractions for groups, from York Minster and the National Railway Museum, to Jorvik,” states Michelle Brown.

York’s reputation has been on the rise in recent years. York was rated as the best place to eat in 2011, and in 2015, York was named the safest city in the world to visit. The voting was done by holidaymakers. Post Office Travel Insurance conducted a poll that found only 1% of travelers view the walled city as “risky” when traveling.

The poll found that 72% of people felt that York was safe.

The poll, which included 2,075 adults, found that Cairo, Egypt was the most dangerous city. Only 7% of people polled viewed the city as safe. More than half of the people stated that Cairo was dangerous.

Stolen wallets were the most common complaint with 24% of people stating that they had their wallet stolen when on travel.

Bath, Edinburgh and Brighton helped round out the top four safest cities in the world to visit.

York was also voted one of the most beautiful cities to visit. York was also voted, among Brits, as the top city people would like to move to. The poll indicated that 70% of Brits would prefer to stay in their current region.

Visitors to York over the weekend had a surprise as the Inner Ring Road was closed. The road was slated to be closed on Friday as workers conducted sewer repair. The road was originally slated for repairs on Thursday night until 6am on Friday. The inbound of Fishergate was the section needing to be closed.

Traffic was to be diverted to: Stonebow, Coppergate and Foss Islands Road.

One lane of the road remained open on Thursday despite electronic road signs stating otherwise. Work on the road has been delayed several times. The initial closure date was pushed back after it was found that relining work was required in the sewers.

Repairs are expected to be fully complete by Tuesday morning as one inbound lane is expected to be reopened.

The traffic has done little to deter tourists from visiting York although it has created a bottleneck for one of the city’s busiest sections.

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