When Miley Cyrus Meets Roman Polanski

‘Everyone else fancies little girls too’ – Roman Polanski

In less than a year Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana turned from a Walt Disney icon to a dream girl that appeals to teenage and older boys. However, her story only slightly resembles the Ugly Duckling. Unwillingly, this 16-year-old celebrity has become a negative symbol of our times. Just like Roman Polanski.

What do Miley Cyrus and Roman Polanski have in common? Surprising as it is, quite a lot.

Cyrus made her name as an actress in a teen sitcom called Hannah Montana. The girl she played was cute, smart and proper, but that was before her racy pictures were published on the Internet. Far from being ashamed, Miss Cyrus decided it was the right time to fuel her career. She took off the good-girl costume and put on a mini skirt and tight t-shirts. A new star was born, a star that has attracted not only kids and teenagers but also the adult audience. Especially the male viewers.

This leads to Roman Polanski. This Polish-born Oscar winner and Holocaust survivor quickly owned the reputation of a genius director. His psychedelic “Rosemary’s Baby,” mysterious “Chinatown” and brutally honest “Pianist” deserve a place in the theater hall of fame. A perfect celebrity were it not for that one episode from his past.

In 1977 he reportedly had sex with a 13-year old girl, which according to the American law is considered rape. He was never tried however, but managed to flee from the United States where he remained in exile.

Now, with Polanski being arrested in Switzerland it is only a matter of time until he is sent to the US and meets the justice that he has been trying to escape for over 30 years.

Polanski has always claimed that the girl wanted the intercourse herself and he only agreed to it being fooled by her adult looks. Even if her body and clothes could have misled him, she was still a child, according to the law and common sense. But the European cultural elite are saying something different. In their opinion, the victim is not the 13-year-old girl but Polanski. Why? Well, the girl seduced him in the hopes of getting her big break. There is no problem, right?

What does Miley Cyrus have to do with this controversial case? She gives ammunition to all Polanski’s defenders who claim that teenage girls can be used by adults and no law should meddle in their personal affairs. Since they dress like adults, since they talk like adults, since they behave like adults, then why not?

Perhaps they are right. But perhaps the clothes and behavior are the product of our culture that younger and younger boys and girls adapt to gain acceptation and respect? Deep inside they are still kids who search for guidance and love. Instead they are robbed of their childhood.

It is not their fault that they want to grow up too soon. After all, nobody told them that there is nothing worth hurrying up for.

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