US Will Never Give Up on Seeing Baltic Countries Free Again

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States will never give up on seeing the Baltic countries free again during an interview with Rita Miliute of Lithuanian National TV.

In the interview, Ms. Miliute asked the opinion of Ms. Clinton about the United States decision to approve Potsdam, and Tehran agreements which divided Europe into the spheres of influence after the World War Second.

“No regrets for the approval of the Potsdam have ever been declared. Is it possible that someday, Washington will do this, sending a strong message that United States will never tolerate any double standards in all possible areas, meaning politics, sexual equality, rights equality? – Ms. Miliute

Ms. Clinton answered that it is fair to say that the United States has long believed that it should not have double standards. She stressed that sometimes in the decisions one has to make as a nation, there are bad choices and worse choices.

“One tries to figure out how to save the most lives, how to provide the most support for the values that we share, and that was certainly the case after World War II, such a horrific war that took so many tens of millions of lives, and I think everyone was hoping that there could be peace.” -Ms. Clinton

She underscored that certainly from her country’s perspective, the United States fought hard to prevent the march of communism and it never gave up on seeing the Baltic countries free again.

In the interview, Ms. Clinton also talked about the accomplishments of Lithuania in the last 20 years. She said Lithunia is indeed a model. She highlighted that some large countries should look to Lithuania if they want to learn about democracy and human rights and how to have a stable, prosperous society.

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