US Condemns Yesterday’s Coordinated Terror Attacks In Paris

Coordinated terrorist attacks kills more than a hundred of people

Another terror attack hit Paris as gunmen and suicide bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and soccer stadium.

According to early reports, gunmen systematically opened fire in Bataclan music hall, killing at least 100 people.

To the north of Paris, a twin suicide attack took place outside the national stadium. One explosion killed people outside a McDonald’s restaurant opposite the stadium.

One deadly attack killed diners in a Cambodian restaurant in central Paris.

An anti-terrorist group in Paris responded immediately by launching an assault that resulted in the death of five of the terrorist assailants.

Tribute to Charlie Hebdo in Strasbourg.

A previous terror attack struck France earlier this year when 18 were killed in assaults on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a Kosher supermarket in Paris.

Nationwide State of Emergency

President Francois Hollande announced a nationwide state of emergency and the immediate closure of France’s borders to stop the terrorists from escaping.

The announcement also entailed closure of the Paris metro railway, schools, universities and municipal buildings.

Radio stations responded by airing warnings to stay home and stay away from roaming the streets.

In the aftermath the attack, President Hollande vowed to launch a war against extremism.

Who Are the Perpetrators of the Attacks?

There is speculation that the attacks were linked to Islamist group because many bystanders and witnesses said that some of the gunmen shouted Islamic slogans and condemantion of France’s role in Syria.

US Condemns the Attacks in Paris

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he shares President Obama’s outrage and sadness over the terrorist attacks in Paris.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this assault on innocent people, going about their lives.” – Secretary Kerry

He said the attacks are heinous, evil, vile acts. He added that the US embassy is Paris is making every effort to account for the welfare of American citizens in the city.

And, the US embassy is ready to provide whatever support the French government may require.

“France is our oldest ally, a friend and a vital partner.” – Secretary Kerry

He reiterated that the US government stands with the French people and the terrorist attacks will only deepen the two nations’ shared resolve.

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