True Or False ? – New Age Beliefs

There have been several attacks in the world press lately, on new age therapies and beliefs.

The Denialism school of crackpot conjurer James Randi in particular has again been attacking both the paranormal and alternative medicine, Which extremist group funds this man?

The sceptics have become bigger fools than the believers.!

Admittedly there is chaff among the wheat, such areas as alternative medicine do contain some nonsense but then so does mainstream psychology and allopathic medicine.

The fashionable “angels” area is a questionable one, one author insists we have “animal angels” too, most complaints to my postbag as perhaps Britain’s highest profile lecturer in paranormal studies, is on psychic phone line scams.

Christian extremists are especially attacking Astrology. But remember Christ was an Essene, who incidentally were the most cognisant of all the mystery school teachers, particularly in Astrology and all spirit matters.

The Essene movement proper was established in 150 B.C. the exact time heralding in the new age of Pisces the fish.

Christian literature depicts them as fishers of men, and Jesus often reiterated the term.

His lifelong involvement with fishermen, coupled with the use of fish imagery, and the fish associated miracles with the Christian use of fish as a secret sign, and ritual immersion as an initiation symbol confirms the early use of “New age” spirituality, as a Christian one, backed up with good old Astrology.

By the way, Christians have in their time objected to; Galileo’s observations on the heliocentric universe, and to Newtonian physics, ( both of whom were Astrologers )

Also to human anatomical dissection, to the theory of evolution, to anaesthesia in childbirth, to transplant operations, but for centuries have supported the death penalty,

Even supporting the immoral vigilante and racist attack on the Muslims of Iraq, for the theft of their foreign bank accounts and their oil.

If Christians have seen the light in all these cases, why cant we re-embrace the new age teachings which were after all Christian in origin.

The bishops themselves practised Astrology, the crozier or wand, originally was an astrologers staff.

Carthusian monks, makers of the liqueur Chartruese, wear as their badge a globe surrounded by seven stars, the sign of St. Hugh, the patron saint of Astrologers, and palmists.

Christian critics proclaim the abilities of bible healers and mystics, yet decry the work of todays mediums, fortune tellers and students of the paranormal.

The 12 tribes of Israel are named after the Hebrew zodiac signs, the bible is largely written in Hebrew and the letters of that alphabet are the names of the signs, planets and constellations – therefore the very foundations of the bible are Astrological.

Finally the discovery in 1947 of the Dead Sea Scrolls, raises the question, why has so little of the material been published ?

It is strange that all the papyri relating to astrology and spirit has been suppressed, why ?

T.Stokes is like a piano tuner, but a tuner of people. Known as “Britain’s psychic agony uncle”, he has read hands since childhood and spent many years as a paranormalist and counsellor. Contact him and get your palm read by post or email at [email protected]