Icelandic Ash Could Cause Planes to Crash

Iceland owes a lot of cash to many foreign sources. Yet, instead of sending “cash”, it is sending “ash” these days.

In the 1800’s, the first eruption of the Icelandic volcano lasted 13 months. Concern for the volcanic ash cloud in Northern, Central and even in the other parts of Europe is big and very serious, as the ash cloud has closed down 2/3s of all the airports in Europe already. The effect of the ash cloud can continue if the volcano continues its eruptions.

The particles in the ash cloud can damage the airplane jet engines and cause planes to crash. They can also damage the human body, particularly of the old, of the children, as well as the ill with heart and lung problems.

In Iceland the wearing of face masks, protective eye-glasses and protective clothes are mandatory for people going out of their homes.

If the ash falls down on other countries, similar precautions will be needed.

Askin Ozcan is a writer and the author of ‘The Red Submarine,’ a novelette, his sixth book. Askin is Turkish, based in Stockholm, Sweden.