Huge Manhunt Underway for Key Suspects of Barcelona Attacks

The Manhunt Continues

The Spanish authorities have launched a huge manhunt of the key suspects of the Barcelona attacks that killed 13 people and injured dozens of civilians.

Five suspects were shot dead by security forces after the deadly attack in the resort in Cambrils, south of Barcelona. But one jihadist, who was speculated to be the driver of the rented van that ran over civilians along the busy sidewalk of Las Ramblas in central Barcelona, is still at large. Reports say the driver may have fled on foot following the rampage. The Police identified him as Younes Abouyaaqoub, a 22-year-old Moroccan national.

The five suspected jihadists were shot dead by police in Cambrils. They were identified as Moussa Oukabir, 17; Said Aallaa, 18; Mohamed Hychami, 24; Omar Hychami; Houssaine Abouyaaqoub.

Arrests are also being made for possible perpetrators linked to the attack. The Police arrested Driss Oukabir, 28, the brother of Moussa, Sahal el-Karib, 34, and Mohammed Aallaa, 27.

This is not the first time the European nation was hit by terrorist attacks. In March 2004, bombs hit commuter trains in Spain, killing 191 people and injuring more than 1,800. The bombings were the deadliest terrorist attack in Spain’s history.

The Victims

The local authorities disclosed the names of victims in the series of attacks that hit Barcelona on August 17. Victims included citizens from different countries. The names are listed below:

*American Jared Tucker, 43
*Belgian Elke Vanbockrijck, 44
*Spanish-Argentine Silvina Alejandra Pereyra, 40
*Argentine Carmen Lopardo, 80
*Spaniard Pepita Codina, 75
*Canadian Ian Moore Wilson
*Spaniard Francisco López Rodríguez, 57. A three-year-old relative with him also died
*Italian Bruno Gulotta, 35
*Italian Luca Russo, 25
*Spaniard Ana María Suárez. Died in the Cambrils attack
*Two unnamed Portuguese nationals are also confirmed dead.

International Community’s Reactions

The Spanish community as well the international community condemned the Barcelona terror attack. The incident drew different reactions from world leaders, mostly denouncing the attack. World leaders expressed their solidarity with the Spanish community in the war against terrorism.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the terror rampage a “savage terrorist attack” and said Spanish communities “are not just united in mourning, but especially in the firm determination to beat those who want to rob us of our values and way of life.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May described the attack “terrible” and said the UK “stands with Spain against terror.”

US President Donald Trump expressed his condemnation of the attack on Twitter, saying the US “will do whatever is necessary to help.”

The Vatican also aired their concern and sadness of the Barcelona attacks. Pope Francis vowed to pray for the victims.

Huge Manhunt Underway for Key Suspects of Barcelona Attacks 1
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