Germany Allocates 93.6 Billion Euros to Address Refugee Crisis

Germany Addresses Needs of Migrants

After welcoming one million migrants last year, a refugee crisis hit Germany. The European country is not turning a deaf ear to this crisis. In fact, Germany plans to spend around 93.6 billion euros by the end of 2020 on costs related to the refugee crisis.

According to a report from a German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, government officials based the budget of the allocation of funds on 600,000 migrants arriving this year, 400,000 next year and 300,000 in each for the following years.

This funding will address some refugee-related challenges including employment, educational benefits and rent subsidies.

With this budget, Germany is hoping it will create jobs among asylum-seekers in the coming years.

Where Will the Money Go?

The allocated funds will go for expenditures on rent subsidies, unemployment payments and other benefits for the recognized asylum applicants by year 2020. All these will cost around 25.7 billion euros ($29.07 billion).

In addition, to break the language barriers between Germans and refugees, the government will need another 5.7 billion euros for expenses on language courses.

Germany considers the need for the migrant to have jobs. The government has allocated 4.6 billion euros for this venture.

For this year, the government has spent 16.1 billion euros for the cost of dealing with the refugee crisis. But it is expected this cost would surge to 20.4 billion euros in 2020.

Negotiations Underway for Final Approval

The government expects untoward reactions for this plan especially from anti-immigration initiatives. Thus, it needs intensive negotiations between government and states.

Refugee Crisis: A German wears a Refugees Welcome shirt
A German wearing blue shirt and ‘Refugees Welcome’ prints.

This agenda will be discussed by the officials who planned to meet on May 31 to complete the budget and to divide up the costs between them.

International Community Commends Germany for Welcoming Refugees

Germany became a good example to other countries for opening their borders and welcoming refugees who fled from war. In fact, more than a million people, many from Syria and other war zones went to Germany last year.

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