German Police Find Guns, Ammo in Militant’s Home

Reuters reports that Germany authorities found a large cache of guns, ammunition and cleaning kits when raiding a home of an Islamist militant suspect. The Tuesday raid included four locations all throughout Berlin, where the raid was conducted on a 40-year-old man’s properties.

Police obtained authorization to search the suspect’s properties on suspicion that he belonged to several militant circles.

The man has been taken into custody.

German authorities have received warnings from the domestic intelligent agency that radical Muslims returning from Iraq and Syria may prepare further attacks in Germany. Germany suffered multiple Islamic-linked attacked in 2016.

The largest attack of the year occurred ten months ago when a Tunisian man shot a lorry driver and killed 11 people in an attack. The man drove the truck into the middle of a Christmas market. German markets are famous destinations at Christmas time, with tourists from across the world visiting the markets.

The find comes as reports indicate a rising demand for German-made guns in the United States.

Gun maker stocks are on the rise in recent weeks, rising 3% in the United States following a mass shooting in Las Vegas. German guns are among the most popular in the United States, according to a report from DW.

Heckler & Koch (H&K), a Germany-based company, is planning on bringing their manufacturing to the United States with a $23 million factory in Georgia. The factory plans to manufacture guns for “sports and hunt” and sell them to civilians.

The new plant will not manufacture military guns, which are exclusively produced in Oberndorf. A total of 84 jobs are expected to be created through the new plant. H&K plans to hire German and US engineers to fill their ranks over a period of two years.

H&K’s move into the United States market is also a sign of changing times, with President Donald Trump calling for products to be made in the United States. The United States plant allows H&K to meet the demands of U.S. consumers with locally produced weapons.

H&K is one of many gun manufacturers that have switched their focus to the US market. The company’s United States turnover in 2016 rose by 48% to €76.5 million. The sales account for 40% of the company’s turnover in 2016.

German officials have not released information on the types of guns that were recovered during the raid. Police have stated that they recovered handguns, rifles and up to 30 cases of ammo.

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