Georgio Napolitano Re-Elected as Italy’s President

The 87-year-old Georgio Napolitano was once again elected as Italy’s president in a joint session of the Italian parliament.

Reports say President Georgio Napolitano has won another term as president with 739 out of 1,007 votes cast for his reelection.

The incumbent president’s term of office expires on May 15 this year. Mr. Napolitani accepted the reelection proposal when appeals from representatives of the centre-left camp and the electoral alliance have convinced him to accept another term.

However, media reports say Napolitano’s reelection can only serve as a short-term and as a temporary solution to country’s political crisis.

Many say it is unlikely the 87-year-old will remain a further seven years in office and fulfill his duties during the term.

Giorgio Napolitano (Italian pronunciation: is an Italian politician who has been the 11th President of Italy since 2006.

US Congratulates President Napolitano

US Secretary of State John Kerry issues statement congratulating President Napolitano on his re-election as President of Italy and commend the admirable sense of duty that compelled him to continue in office in the service of the Italian people.

He says Italy is a key transatlantic Ally and friend of the United States.

Secretary Kerry is confident that, under President Napolitano’s guidance, Italy will move forward toward a stable government, determined to continue its leadership in Europe and beyond.

A glimpse of the life of President Napolitano

Barack Obama and Napolitano at Quirinale Palace in Rome.

Giorgio Napolitano’s political career began in the Communist Party at the end of the World War II.

Giorgio Napolitano was born in Naples on June 29th, 1925. He is married to Clio Bittoni and has two sons, Giovanni and Giulio.

He graduated in law from Naples University in December 1947. In 1945 he joined the Italian Communist Party. He was a former militant and then a leader of the Party until the Democratic Party of the Left was established.

He took also an active part for over 10 years in the Movement for the Rebirth of Southern Italy since its foundation in December 1947.

His parliamentary activity began as a member of the Budget and State Holdings Committee.

He was appointed life Senator by the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in September 2005

On May 10th 2006 he was elected President of the Republic with 543 votes and was sworn-in on May 15th, 2006.

US-Italy alliance stronger than ever

The United States of America and Italy have reaffirmed strong allience on countless international issues in the 21st century.

Italy is such a close friend and ally, a critical partner on countless international issues, and the US look to Italy to lead on many of those issues.

Both countries are working together to strengthen sanctions and the violence inflicted by the Assad regime and encourage a peaceful democratic transition.

In addition, both countries also worked together during the course of the last year with the Monti government on economic reforms in Italy and elsewhere.

The United States is really encouraged by the leadership shown by the Monti government, and Italy’s progress.

Both countries’ close ties in investment and business really demonstrate that both are in this together, and both will grow together.

Italy is the fourth largest contributor to ISAF, the International Security Assistance Force, and leads the ISAF mission in Regional Command West, she noted.

And Italy has been very generous in committing to help sustain the Afghan National Security Forces after 2014.

Both countries are committed to the roadmap set forth first in Lisbon and then in Chicago, and both are very grateful for Italy’s contributions and leadership.

In May 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini in Rome Italy.

While in Rome, Ms. Clinton stressed that Italy and the United States collaborate on a range of critical issues from counterterrorism to peacekeeping.

Ms. Clinton underlined that Italy is not only US NATO ally, but also US partner in the G-8 and the G-20, and a nation that shares Us democratic ideals and US commitment to prosperity, peace, and progress.

The United States and Italy have stood shoulder to shoulder along with NATO and our regional partners.

Italy has provided assistance in building secure and prosperous societies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the Balkans.

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