Outburst of Violence Mars Euro 2016

Outburst of Violence Seen in Euro 2016

A series of clashes between football fans marred the Euro 2016. In a span of three days, skirmishes erupted between fans and supporting rivals. The most recent was between Russian fans and English fans who engaged in terrifying brawls in the stadium in Marseille following England’s 1-1 Euro 2016 draw with Russia.

The violence left a number people in hospital in France. French police said one Briton had been seriously hurt in the earlier clashes.

As the violence became uncontrollable, the French police tried to contain the situation. Police fired tear gas to violent fans and made some arrests as well.

Who Started the Brawl?

Many say Russian hooligans are to be blamed for the disgraceful incidents in Euro 2016. Football fans reported that these Russian hooligans violently and brutally attacked English fans.

The BBC reports that the violence began in the stadium after flares were let off by Russian fans near the end of the game. Some fans then climbed across barriers designed to keep rival fans apart and then both rivals were embroiled in violent brawls.

An England supporter, who was in the stadium, told the BBC: “As soon as the Russian goal went in, the Russian guys, sort of, streamed across.”

Another witness said Russian fans were charging across the England fans. The incident triggered English fans to react and some went running away from the crowds and clashes.

Images of violence in Euro 2016.
Images of violence in Euro 2016.

Other Clashes

It is not only clashes between fans, some troubles also involved the French Police and football fanatics.

In fact, there were also clashes in the city of Nice between police and fans from Northern Ireland and Poland, who are slated to play their opening match later. Six people were reportedly injured.

The images of the violence showed fans involved with a bloody brawl, French police using tear gas and water cannon to contain the violence, and even arresting those who were involved. The disgraceful incidents draw criticisms from the public and European football’s governing body UEFA.


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