US Voices Concern on Allegation of Election Irregularities in Russia

Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon for Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs today said the United States expressed its serious concerns about the non-registration of parties and allegations of ballot stuffing in Russia.

“So no doubt there were serious problems with the election but I wouldn’t write off democracy in Russia based on this election. The fact that Russia allowed OSCE observers in the first place was a good thing.” -Mr. Gordon

He said President Medvedev has said there should be a full investigation of allegations. He said Foreign Minister Lavrov has talked about following up on the OSCE. The Russian government allowed for demonstrations, in some ways in an unprecedented way.

A view of Moscow, Russia, including the Moskva River. UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

“There were serious problems and we have serious concerns, but I think that there is still very much reason to believe that Russia will move in the direction of more democracy.” -Mr. Gordon

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