US Launches ‘Central Asian Technology Entrepreneurship Program’ in Uzbekistan

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that the U.S. State Department and the nonprofit organization CRDF Global are launching the Central Asian Technology Entrepreneurship Program in Uzbekistan.

In her remarks at the GM Plant, Ms. Clinton stated that the Central Asian Technology Entrepreneurship Program will help train the next generation of entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan and foster a culture of technology-centered development throughout the region.

“Eight entrepreneurs will each be awarded a $20,000 techno prize, and one of the eight will be selected to travel to Silicon Valley, meet with potential investors, and prepare their technology for the marketplace.” -Ms. Clinton

She stated that GM Plant is a fitting place to launch the prize because Uzbekistan has a proud history of science and innovation. Many noble scientists and scholars were born and worked in the region, even the father of algebra, and their young people are full of talent and energy.

“Entrepreneurship is a core value for my country, and we want to encourage it here in Uzbekistan. We believe in order to take even a greater advantage of the global marketplace, Uzbekistan needs to continue its reforms in rule of law, democracy, and human rights. And I’d like to congratulate GM Uzbekistan on being named a finalist for the State Department’s 2011 Award for Corporate Excellence.” -Ms. Clinton

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