US and Russia Remain Unified with Regards to Iran

U.S. Press Secretary Jay Carney today announced that the United States of America and Russia today agreed to remain unified with regards to Iran in wake of IAEA report.

Mr. Carner said President Obama had an excellent bilateral meeting with President Medvedev that was productive and then ended with a one-on-one for about 15 or 20 minutes.

He said both leaders discussed a range of issues, including they agreed on the need to remain unified with regards to Iran and to continue to consult on next steps relative to the country.

“Russia reaffirmed its agreement that Iran needs to uphold its international obligations, to live up to those international obligations.” – Mr. Carner

He reported that President Obama congratulated President Medvedev on the invitation for Russia to join the WTO. The two Presidents also discussed deepening their bilateral, economic relations and ties.

“The President, as you heard also, raised Jackson-Vanik and the need to work with Congress – his commitment to work with Congress to repeal Jackson-Vanik, now that Russia has been invited to join the WTO.” – Mr. Carner

He stated that President Medvedev made the point that in the period of transition upcoming in Russia, that the commitment to the reset of relations between the United States and Russia will continue.

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