US and Russia are Keeping Pace With Each Other on Nuclear Inspections

Assistant Secretary Rose Gottemoeller for Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance today said the United States of America and Russia are keeping pace with each other on nuclear inspections during an interview with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

During the interview, Ms. Gottemoeller highlighted that the implementation of NEW START treaty is going great.

“The first comprehensive exchange of the database took place within two months of entry into force of the treaty. What I always like to say about the New START treaty database is that it is a living document: We have six-month comprehensive updates, but practically every single day there are notifications passed between Washington and Moscow to update the exact real-time status of weapons in our forces.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

She said if ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] moves from operational deployment to a maintenance facility, that is notified on a given day; if a bomber moves again for maintenance purposes or exercise purposes – that’s notified.

She cited that there are regular notifications occurring every day, and well over 1,500 notifications have been exchanged now under the treaty.

“We are keeping pace with each other on inspections; we’re up to 12 inspections each at this point. Under the New START treaty, we are each allowed 18 inspections a year so we’re coming up to about the half-way point for the year.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

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