Seventh Border Guard Post Opens in Tajikistan

Assistant Secretary William R. Brownfield of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs today announced the opening of the seventh border guard post in Shurobod, Tajikistan.

“For most people in the world, the border is the line between two countries. For a narcotics trafficker, it is an opportunity to move his product.” -Mr. Brownfield

He said narcotics traffickers do their business in the district. He added that some people and fellow soldiers have paid the ultimate price. He added those fellow soldiers gave their lives to protect their communities.

“Today, we honor them and we honor you. Today we visit the new post in Shurobod. We, the Government of Tajikistan and the Government of the United States, owe you a professional facility.” -Mr. Brownfield

Mr. Brownfield stressed that the newly-opened border post is the seventh border post that the United States have constructed together with the border guard service. He emphasized that both United States and Tajikistan have worke together to create a more secure border. He underscored that a secure border protects the people of Tajikistan, it protects the people of Afghanistan, and it protects the people of America.

“Men and women of the border guard service, I salute you. You honor us with your presence, and I wish you great success from your new post for years to come.” -Mr. Brownfield

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