How Can We Possibly Compare Luca Rocco Magnotta to Jeffrey Dahmer?

Now that Luca Rocco Magnotta, or whatever his name is, has been arrested on Monday at a Berlin Internet cafe, we need to move on and worry about why he killed Jun Lin, why he did it in such a sensational fashion, and whether he’s ever done such a thing before. IE is Luka a serial killer? Can the Canadian authorities link him to any other murders that involve cannibalism or necrophilia? And why did he mail Jun Lin’s body parts to Canadian political figures and to schools?

As for the question regarding Magnotta as a likely repeat offender, or even conceivably a serial killer, the only piece I could find on the internet was published in the National Post (Luka Rocco Magnotta linked to grisly 2011 cold case killing in Quebec). Not many details were given, nor has any direct connection to Magnotta been established, but the victim is named as one Valerie Leblanc from Quebec, who suffered severe head trauma and was burned.

lm internet cafe

The article drifts off on the current topic of the body part mailings, and fails to give us more about this 2011 cold case, that has baffled detectives ever since it happened. I want to learn more about this possible connection. Perhaps more will come out on the Valerie Leblanc connection. Did Luca ever know Valerie? Why did the National Post even bring up the Leblanc cold case, if Canadian authorities hadn’t established some kind of tie-in?

Why did Magnotta mail these body parts to various political figures and to innocent schools? Is he a sadist and a sensationalist seeking notoriety? Obviously, he is! We hear, he also posted videos of himself killing little kittens. Then, we can assume, he graduates to posting videos of himself killing a human being, cutting up the body, and even having sex with a mere torso. A poor janitor in Montreal finds a suitcase with Jun Lin’s torso inside, out back of his dingy apartment building. Ahh!

Can we compare Magnotta to the most infamous serial killer of all time, Jeffrey Dahmer? Jane Velez-Mitchell’s HLN talk show bandied about this possible analogy last night, and showed some old footage of Jeffrey expressing his regret for what he’d done and trying to explain what was behind his aberrant behavior. You might remember how soft spoken he was and he always came across as erudite and ordinary.

I can’t really buy the analogy. Dahmer wanted to remain anonymous and did just that for quite a few years. I’ll have to look back at his case, but Dahmer was a master at avoiding detection; Jeffrey was chameleon-like and merged, blended with the social landscape. Luca is an exhibitionist and wants as much attention as he can get! Luca is a product of the new social media culture we currently experience.

No, I don’t really see the similarities. Dahmer lived in an internal fantasy world where he was playing out some kind of sick life, that would fly in the face of society and any hopes his parents might have had for his well being and success with a career. Magnotta is a punk compared to Dahmer. He’s seeking thrills and kicks; just wants to shock us! He certainly achieves this, but Dahmer is still more of an enigma worthy of psychological examination. Magnotta will be forgotten in the wink of an eye.

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