Evacuation Underway in Northeastern British Columbia Wildfire

Wildfire Pushes B.C. Government to Issue Emergency Evacuation

As firefighters continue to contain the wildfire that has covered 150-square-kilometres along Beatton Airport Road, the British Columbia government issued an emergency evacuation order for residents in the vicinity.

The wildfire threatened residents as it continued to burn about 45 kilometres north of Fort St. John. Residents were advised to leave the vicinity as soon as possible.

According to reports, the evacuation order affects about 130 properties and another 95 are under evacuation alert.

The region is under a state of emergency.

Firefighters Battle the Wildfire

A strong force of more than 100 firefighters are battling the blaze, along with 13 helicopters and 16 pieces of heavy equipment. The report says only 45 percent of the wildfire was contained by the firefighters at the time of writing.

To accommodate incoming evacuees, the City of Fort St. John has opened an emergency service centre at the North Peace Arena to assist and help those who are displaced by the Beatton Airport Road wildfire.

Wildfire Cited in Nearby Syphon Creek

The B.C. government observed smoky conditions in the Peace Region. The authorities warn residents to be extra vigilant especially residents at the nearby Siphon Creek fire.

Later on Sunday, a revised evacuation alert was announced for properties at risk from the Siphon Creek wildfire. The wildfire is said to cover 45,000 hectares is in B.C. and another 16,600 are in Alberta.

The Alberta Wildfire

Wildfires are becoming more common now in Canada. Alberta last declared a state of emergency when uncontrolled wildfires engulfed the western province.

Due to the out-of-control wildfire, a massive evacuation was announced to transfer 80,000 residents to safer ground.

The Alberta wildfire disaster is considered the costliest disaster in Canadian history. Wildfire shutdowns could costs oil sands about $760 million. Analysts say the price tag to rebuild the damage caused by the disaster could be as high as $9B.

wildfires hit alberta
A raging wildfire.

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