Presence of Mercenaries Endangers Security of Camp Liberty Residents

By The National Council of Resistance

Transfer of Intelligence and Qods Force mercenaries to Liberty under pretext of PMOI families by mullahs’ regime embassy and the Governmental Committee

On Tuesday, 14 April 2015, elements of the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf and Liberty, including Colonel Sadeq Mohammed Kadhim and Major Ahmed Khozeir, brought a group of mullahs’ regime Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) and terrorist Qods Force agents to the base of the police company tasked to protect Camp Liberty in the camp under the pretext of families of PMOI in Liberty and began reconnaissance of camp’s vicinity. A few hours later, they were taken away. According to the information received by the resistance from inside Iran, the mercenaries are expected to be taken to Liberty in the ensuing days as well.

These agents are brought to Camp Liberty while getting close to the camp requires going through multiple checkpoints that is only possible with assistance from the Iraqi security forces.

These individuals’ trip to Iraq and their presence in Camp Liberty have been wholly arranged by mullahs’ regime embassy in Baghdad and it will surely endanger the security of PMOI members in Camp Liberty and pave the way for future massacres and bloodbaths in this camp. These measures clearly violate the 25 December 2011 Memorandum of Understanding signed between Government of Iraq and the United Nations and the written and repeated commitments by the United States and the United Nations regarding the security and wellbeing of Camp Liberty residents.

On 27 November 2014, the Iranian Resistance warned in a communique that the mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry and the Qods Force are planning to once again dispatch their agents and paid hands under the pretext of PMOI members’ families and family visits to Iraq to stage a dirty campaign against PMOI members in Camp Liberty.

On 17 November 2014, IRGC element Hassan Danaifar, mullahs’ regime ambassador in Baghdad who had gone to Ashraf “expressed hope that soon the pain-stricken and suffering families of PMOI members will be able to visit their loved ones in Camp Liberty so that their separation and suffering would end”. One month prior, on October 16, in a meeting with one of the agents of the intelligence ministry, this criminal element had stated that “he would continue with his endeavors to get together the elements enchained by the Rajavi sect with their families and that he would use all the capacities of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq for this purpose” (MOIS websites).

From February 2010 until January 2012, the clerical regime psychologically tortured Ashraf residents day and night by 320 loudspeakers by dispatching a group of its paid hands under the pretext of PMOI members’ families and by stationing them beside Ashraf. Also, prior to the September 1, 2011 massacre in Ashraf, the clerical regime stationed a group of these mercenaries around Ashraf.

Transfer of MOIS paid hands to Camp Liberty is while it is seven years now that thousands of family members of Liberty residents who live in Europe and the United States or those that through much hardship get themselves to these countries have never been allowed to come to Iraq and visit their children despite their numerous referrals to the Iraqi embassies. During this same period, neither the PMOI lawyers, nor parliamentarians and human rights activists and even Iraqi legislators have not been permitted to go to Ashraf or Liberty.

Prior, subsequent to a protest letter by the representative of Camp Liberty residents to the UNAMI Deputy concerning the transfer of regime’s agents to the vicinity of Camp Liberty, Deputy Special Representative of Secretary-General for Iraq wrote on 15 October 2015: “They [Iraqi officials] categorically denied that… and stated very forcefully that even raising such an assumption is an insult to their national sovereignty. Further, I can assure you with absolute certainty that UNAMI is not ferrying anybody to Camp Liberty under any guise.”

The Iranian Resistance warns and reminds the fact that the dispatch of mullahs’ regime mercenaries to Camp Liberty is a prelude to another slaughter. Emphasizing that allowing the meddling of Iranian regime in the file of residents is a criminal act, it calls on the U.S. government and the United Nations that have repeatedly and in writing committed themselves to the wellbeing and security of Camp Liberty residents to take urgent measures to prevent any movement by the Iranian regime and its elements and paid hands in the vicinity of Camp Liberty under whatever pretext.