Will The ‘Six-Party Talks’ Resume?

Special Representative Glyn Davies today met Director General Sugiyama and Vice Foreign Minister Sasae in Tokyo, Japan.

“It’s wonderful to come back to Japan, a country I first visited 40 years ago at the age of 13, in this new role as the Special Representative for North Korea, and to talk about ways in which the U.S.-Japan Alliance can be strengthened as regards issues that relate to North Korea.” -Ms. Davies

Ms. Davies commented on the resumption of Six-Party Talks. She stressed it really is up to North Korea to take the right steps.

“They need to change their behavior; they need to cease their provocative actions; they need to fulfill their obligations to denuclearize; they need to fulfill their obligations under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions; abide by the armistice.” -Ms. Davies

She stressed there’s a need to test the proposition that North Korea is ready to do the right things, to take the right pre-steps, so that they can begin to contemplate an eventual return to the Six-Party Talks.

Ms. Davies said she discussed with Japanese officials about a wide range of issues. She said she will be staying in Tokyo to talk with the Japanese officials in more depth about all of the issues that relate to North Korea and the challenge that they all face in convincing North Korea to do the right thing.

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