US Visa Demand Skyrockets in China and Brazil

U.S. Managing Director for Visa Services Ed Ramotowski today reported that skyrocketing visa demand in China and Brazil is a good news story.

In his remarks via teleconference, Mr. Ramotowski said the United States has issued 35 percent more visas in China this year and 44 percent more in Brazil.

Over the past year, we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in visa demand in emerging economies such as China and Brazil. Last year, our highly trained corps of consular officers issued more than 7.5 million visas around the world. That represents a 17 percent increase over Fiscal Year 2010.” -Mr. Ramotowski

He noted that the world for visas changed on 9/11. He said security is U.S. primary focus while it is on the frontlines protecting America’s borders. He added that worldwide travel dropped immediately following 9/11, but since 2005, they have seen visa issuances rise 42 percent.

He reiterated that when it comes to visas though, the U.S. job is to protect America’s borders while putting out the welcome mat for visitors to stay in their hotels, to eat in their restaurants, buy American products, and enjoy all the wonders of our great country.

“It’s important to note that security remains our top priority, and we see every visa decision as a national security decision. But we also recognize that international travel is important to the U.S. economy, to jobs and opportunity, and our vital national interests.” -Mr. Ramotowski

He said the U.S. goal is to expand its capacity to adjudicate more than 2.2 million visas in China and 1.8 million visas in Brazil by 2013.

“As I’ve described, we don’t follow the standard business model. We are the frontline of border security. Consider our accomplishments with that in mind. Any business would be challenged to absorb 42 percent growth as we have in Brazil.” -Mr. Ramotowski

Mina Fabulous
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