US Supports Burma’s Democratic Reforms

As Burma pursues the road for reform, development and democracy, the United States of America today expressed commitment to support Burma’s democratic reforms.

In DC, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says from the beginning of Obama Administration, the US government has pursued a policy of engagement to support human rights and reform in Burma.

“We knew that the challenges were great, but we also believed that a new approach was needed to support the aspirations of the people.” -Ms. Clinton

This week, the government and the people made further progress in advancing those aspirations, Ms. Clinton said.

She notes that the results of the April 1st parliamentary by-elections represents a dramatic demonstration of popular will that brings a new generation of reformers into government.

A girl from the Padaung minority, one of the many ethnic groups that make up Burma’s population.

She stresses that this is an important step in the country’s transformation, which in recent months has seen the unprecedented release of political prisoners, new legislation broadening the rights of political and civic association, and fledgling process in internal dialogue between the government and ethnic minority groups.

These elections and the progress that the US has seen are precisely the kind of step that the President and Ms. Clinton envisioned when they embarked on this historic opening.

President Thein Sein and many of his colleagues inside the government helped launch their country on a historic new path, Ms. Clinton reported.

However, she pointed out that there is much to be done and significant tests lie ahead, the US government applauds the president and his colleagues for their leadership and courage.

“We congratulate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for her election to the parliament as well as the election of many of her colleagues.” -Ms. Clinton

The United States is committed to taking steps alongside the Burmese Government and people as they move down the road of reform and development, Ms. Clinton stressed.

The US government is currently consulting actively with the Burma’s Congress as well as its allies and friends in Europe and Asia on US response to these recent developments.

The United States ise prepared to take steps toward, Ms. Clinton said.

She cites that the US government is seeking agrement for a fully accredited ambassador in Rangoon in the coming days, followed by a formal announcement of US nominee.

“Second, establishing an in-country USAID mission and supporting a normal country program for the United Nations Development Program.” -Ms. Clinton

The United States also enabling private organizations in the United States to pursue a broad range of nonprofit activities from democracy building to health and education.

The US also facilitates travel to the United States for select Burmese government officials and parliamentarians.

The United States also begins the process of a targeted easing of U ban on the export of U.S. financial services and investment as part of a broader effort to help accelerate economic modernization and political reform.

Sanctions and prohibitions will stay in place on individuals and institutions that remain on the wrong side of these historic reform efforts, Ms. Clinton stressed.

However, Ms. Clinton notes that the reform process has a long way to go.

She says the future is neither clear nor certain. She underlines that the US government will continue to monitor developments closely and meet.

The United States will continue to seek improvements in human rights, including the unconditional release of all remaining political prisoners and the lifting of conditions on all those who have been released, Ms. Clinton stressed.

“We will continue our support for the development of a vibrant civil society, which we think will greatly add to the reform of the economy and society.” -Ms. Clinton

She says the US government will continue to urge progress in national reconciliation, specifically with ethnic minority groups.

The United States will continue to press for the verifiable termination of the military relationship with North Korea, she added.

“Yet even as we urge these further steps, we fully recognize and embrace the progress that has taken place, and we will continue our policy of engagement that has encouraged these efforts.” -Ms. Clinton

She stresses that the new leadership has shown real understanding and commitment to the future of their country.

The United States will stand with the reformers and the democrats, both inside the government and in the larger civil society, as they work together for that more hopeful future that is the right of every single person, Ms. Clinton underlined.

United States maintain extensive, targeted sanctions against Burmese regime. Sanctions also targeted against senior leaders of the Burmese government and military, their immediate family members, their key supporters, and others who abuse human rights.

Obama Administration continues to show commitment to promote democracy and human rights in Burma and on key recent developments in Burma including the release of Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest, the 2010 elections, and the formation of a government headed by former top regime general and now President Thein Sein.

The United States is currently pursuing parallel and complementary tracks in a full-scale effort to advance progress on core concerns of the United States and the international community, including the unconditional release of all political prisoners, respect for human rights, and an inclusive dialogue with the political opposition and ethnic groups that would lead to national reconciliation.

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