US and Japan Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Assistant Secretary Kurt M. Campbell for Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs today said the United States of America and Japan are strengthening bilateral ties through regular consultations.

In his visit to Tokyo, Mr. Campbel cited that the U.S. government and Japan have much to discuss regional and global issues especially on issues and developments and Burma. Both countries will also discuss most recent interactions in international fora such as the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit.

A Japanese mayor throws a pitch to a U.S. Navy captain. Japan and the U.S. share many cultural links, including a love for baseball imported from the U.S.A.

“We will also be discussing a range of bilateral issues: our critical cooperation on the security side; a variety of issues associated with the Hague Convention; with efforts in terms of moving forward on trade issues such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership; and a range of other issues of mutual concern.” -Mr. Campbell

He cited both countries will also be talking extensively about North Korea. Mr. Campbell said he will be debriefing his Japanese interlocutors on American stops in both Beijing and South Korea. He stressed that close coordination is paramount at this time.

“We very much look forward to hearing Japanese views about developments in North Korea. We will also be taking steps in terms of planning for the trilateral engagement between the United States, Japan, and South Korea in order to ensure the closest possible coordination, and more than anything else, we’re just looking forward to reaffirming our strong partnership and friendship with Japan going forward.” -Mr. Campbell

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