Deadly Typhoon Jebi Wreaks Havoc in Japan

A powerful storm hit western Japan, leaving a trail of massive destruction. Typhoon Jebi, said to be the most powerful typhoon in 25 years, forced a major international airport to be closed, causing cancellations of hundreds of flights.

Kansai airport which handled more than 25 million passengers in 2016, cancelled all flights due to uncontrollable onslaught of rain and strong winds. Runways were severely hit by surging water, with some aircraft flooded up to their engines.

However, the airport confirmed it will reopen today.

Aside from that, Jebi’s power was so strong that it smashed a tanker into a bridge as well, blocking paths for transportation.

In addition, the typhoon caused massive damage to infrastructure, ripping off roofs, overturning vehicles and cutting power.

It recorded winds of up to 216km/h (135mph) and made landfall at about noon local time on Tuesday (03:00 GMT).

The Aftermath of Typhoon Jebi

The powerful storm Jebi hammered western Japan that led to death of 10 people. Officials say the extent of the damage is enormous.

Jebi flooded the runways in Kansai airport, leading to flight cancellations. The airport lost its link to the mainland when strong winds drove a tanker into a bridge.

Images shown in social media depicted the destructive power of Jebi.

Typhoon Jebi drives shipping tanker into bridge.
Jebi drives shipping tanker into bridge.

Cars, buses, coaches, lorries and cranes were all brought down by Jebi. Cars piled in a heap and scattered in the road.

Containers in the Osaka port were thrown like bricks, an image confirming the strength of the typhoon.

Strong winds caused the collapse of electrical posts, leading massive power outage. Media reports say some 400,000 households are said to be still without power.

Typhoons in Japan

Deadly typhoons are not something new for Japan. In fact, Japan is regularly hit by typhoons.

In 2013, a storm near Tokyo left 40 people dead. In addition, the typhoon Talas in 2011 killed at least 82 people.

Aside from super typhoons, rains are the worst weather-related disaster in Japan. In July, torrential rains caused massive floods and deadly landslides in western Japan. The heavy weather left 94 people dead and dozens missing.

Two typhoons struck in quick succession in August and September 2011, killing nearly 100 people.

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