Philippines Inaugurates New President Rodrigo Duterte

President Duterte: “Change must start with us and in us.”

The whole Philippines was watching as Rodrigo Duterte, the 16th president of the Asia-Pacific nation finally took office today in front of 600 people in Manila.

Rodrigo Duterte, former mayor of the second largest Philippine city, Davao, was inaugurated after beating four other candidates in last month’s election with 39 percent of the vote. Duterte, who is dubbed the “punisher,” was elected largely because of his record for cutting crime in his hometown city of Davao.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by prominent politicians in the country, closest friends of the new president and his family.

President Rodrigo Duterte Ready to Serve Filipino People

With conviction, President Rodrigo Duterte included in his inaugural address his tough promises to eradicate crime, corruption and to address the needs of common people.

He also highlighted the need to serve and to respond to the needs of the impoverished Filipino people.

According to President Duterte, corruption in the government, crimes and rampant sales of drugs demand urgency of action. These are evils of society and the precursors of suffering in the community.

Most importantly, the new president will respond to the call for real change as articulated by his supporters. But he stressed that change is possible if all work for it.

Far from that. These were battle cries articulated by me on behalf of the people hungry for genuine and meaningful change. But the change, if it is to be permanent and significant, must start with us and in us.” – President Duterte

Finally, President Duterte urged his administration to be transparent in all transactions and undertakings for he strongly advocates for it and abhors secrecy.

From a Filipino Perspective

President Duterte becomes a saving grace for the Philippines as the country struggles with high crime rates, corruption in the government and rampant sales of illegal drugs. All these pull the country down and many are still living below the poverty line.

The new president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.
The new president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

His slogan in the campaign that calls for genuine change has indeed captured the hearts of 13 million Filipinos. And his dedication and passion to serve his fellowmen is genuine as well.

Dubbed the “punisher” and a tough-talking person, his speech has conviction that calls for genuine change. Many believe him and many look up to him.

President Duterte is a simple man and lives a simple life in his hometown. He saw firsthand the suffering and pleas of the common people. That’s why he knows by heart the hopes and dreams of his fellowmen. And through his leadership, his dream for Filipinos to live safer, better and healthier lives will be realized.

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