Make Me A Supermodel

We all dream of being supermodels and superheroes. For those who dream to be singers there is American Idol and those who dream to dance there is So You Think You Can Dance? Well Australian network 7 is now giving the average Joe Schmoe the opportunity to be a supermodel… Who didn’t see that one coming?

The difference between so you think you can this and that is the unfortunate nature of modeling…

Anyone can be a model, just ask any model. In fact to be a model in some cases you have to not look like a model. But what does a model look like? Well a model (the one that exists in our heads) is glamorous, in reality and in reality television, a model has teeth and apparently a full functioning set of legs and that’s about it.

Supermodels serve no purpose beyond living luxurious lives and in some cases easier access to cocaine. Would I like to be a supermodel? That’s like asking a fat baby if he would like some cake! I may never be a model, because I actually look like one.

Tall poppy syndrome aside, I am tall, tanned, and broad shouldered, fun-loving and well I think I am good-looking. For people like me, we are doomed to watch the 21st century’s obsession with the normal being transformed in to the extraordinary.

Who better to host, Make Me A Supermodel, than Jennifer Hawkins…To me it looks like Miss Hawkins has been transformed in to a contestant of So You Think You Can Tyra Banks? She is a member of the judging panel who critiques the contestants while wearing a different outfit on every take. Her side kick is Australia’s editor in chief of Marie Claire. I don’t like to admit this but the latter judge is “fabulous” (as they say in the fashion world) and does not come across as motherly like that one other judge in that one other reality TV show about that one other talent.

To be honest, the only reason why I watch the show is to watch her, I wish I could remember her name. She may not have been crowned Miss Universe like the four seasons ago Hawkins, but she sure does get the crown for Miss Fabulous.

Now to the contestants – Not much can be said, than a bunch of average Joe Schmoes wanting a better life, kind of like the rest of us. I have to give it to them, it takes a lot of guts to put your hand up and declare on national television that you want to be a supermodel and think you’re good-looking. As for me, I can only come as close to declaring that on the World Wide Web. I might not have the guts like they did, but I sure do have the look like they don’t.