Americans Celebrate 60 Years of US-Australia Alliance

The citizens of United States of America today celbrated 60 years of U.S.-Australia alliance.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced President Obama will be visiting Australia in November to commemorate the important milestone and to advance U.S.-Australia alliance.

“We have come to San Francisco to celebrate 60 years of the U.S.-Australia alliance in the place where it was born. Here at the Presidio Golden Gate Club back in 1951, in the month of September, our predecessors signed the treaty that cemented the ties between our nations.” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that for 60 years now, each new global challenge has brought with it a new cause for cooperation with Australia and an ever stronger partnership grounded in their shared values.

“And that is exactly what happened 10 years ago. When America was attacked on September 11th, just days after the 50th anniversary of our alliance, Australia invoked the treaty to come to our defense.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that Australia’s men and women have fought alongside the United States, just as they have in every major conflict since the First World War. She added that in Afghanistan, Australia is the largest non-NATO contributor to U.S. mission. She further said in Libya, Australia now provides 10 percent of the international humanitarian budget.

“So from cyberspace to food security, Australia makes vital contributions to global security, stability, and well-being. And we greatly appreciate their efforts.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stressed that as Pacific powers, the United States and Australia are committed to working together to seize the opportunities of a fast-changing Asia- Pacific region. She highlighted that U.S.-Australia alliance has provided a context for the region’s dynamic economic growth by underwriting peace and security and promoting trade and prosperity.

“The detailed joint communique we are releasing today reflects the full range of our shared interests, values, and vision from maritime cooperation to joint development projects to building stronger ties with India to promote democracy and prosperity in the Pacific Islands.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stated that both countries are working to encourage trade through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and through APEC, whose leaders the President will be hosting this fall in Hawaii. Both countries are strengthening regional institutions like the East Asia Summit and ASEAN.

“The ties between our nations are as close as any in the world. Our peoples and our governments overwhelmingly support our partnership. So today we celebrate 60 years of a strong, steady alliance “ -Ms. Clinton

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