Zimbabwean Women Turn to Prostitution in South Africa

Massive prostitution by Zimbabwean women in South Africa

Due to destitution, poverty and oppression many Zimbabwean women have turned to prostitution in South Africa.

Brothels, mini-hotels and other places of adult entertainment are occupied by Zimbabwean women. Both married and unmarried women are resorting to prostitution. In Johannesburg, Places of Adult entertainment such as Hilbrow Inn, Little Rose, Maxim, Ambassador and the Diplomat are all occupied by women from Zimbabwe. Thousands are earning living by prostitution.

These businesses are parasites getting profit on human souls. They are using human bodies to get wealth. This is serious human trafficking of Zimbabwean women. The South African government should pass laws to outlaw prostitution and enforce such laws by closing down such business as mentioned above.

How Zimbabwean women end up in such places? Some have fled political persecutions at home, some came to South Africa to look for jobs and end up into prostitution because they have failed to get good means of living. Some are invited by sisters, boyfriends and other relatives when they arrive in South Africa the relatives abandon them.

Zimbabweans are not a blessed people or a blessed nation. We are tolerating oppression and state slavery which is destroying and eroding every value. Family institution is failing. I place the major blame on the ruling government which has destroyed means of live hood for millions of Zimbabweans.

We have lost our pride as a nation. Why should we be proud while for fear of death we allow the evil ZANU PF government to continue in power causing unbearable suffering on women, children, and the disabled? Care about our names and dignity should drive us to take risk and do anything that remove ZANU PF from power. If we really care about women, children and other weak members of the society, we should prioritize removing ZANU PF from power.

Now is the time that we rise up against oppression and destroy it because it is destroying many souls and precious lives. The immature do not recognize loss of freedom. Those with a slave mentality will live in perpetual oppression from their government.

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