SYAO Organizes Peace Tournament in Hagardher Camp

Somali Youth Advocacy Organization (SYAO) based in Nairobi and Mogadishu, has started a big sports tournament named “peace Tournament and Youth Initiative in The Camps” at the mainfill ground.

In the tournament, 16 teams of youths under 20 years old have participated. The tournament is aimed to gather the teenagers from the different regions of Somalia.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, the chairman of SYAO, who organized the open tournament said on the phone that this sports campaign is important for all young Somalis. He promised that SYAO will continue to boost the awareness of youths in the refugee camps.

Mohamed also promised that next month SYAO will open a branch office in the camps to double awareness.

“The next step is we are going to organize the same type of tournament for the Iffo camp youths,” promised Mohamed over the phone conversation.

Kosow Abdi Nune, the chairman of the Hagardher camp, who talked at the open tournament said that this tournament will be the first since last year. He thanked SYAO for their role in the program and also their approach to help the youths in the camp.

The opening of the tournament on Tuesday had more than 4,000 persons present, including the chairman of the camps, officials of the UN ,elders, teachers and all the people that are interested in the sports.

This tournament will continue for 15 days as announced by the chairman of Hagardher camp to the media.