Somali League: Banadir-Heegan Clash Ends in Stalemate

A hotly-contested clash between Banadir Sports Club and Heegan has ended in 1-1 equality on Friday. Heegan who are chasing Elman were committed to winning in Friday’s match as they launched successive attacks on Banadir’s goal in the early minutes of the match, while Banadir themselves were making counter attacks in a bid to win and culminate in the second stage of the tournament.

Heegan’s young striker Ahmed Abdulkader Dayib scored the lone goal for his club in the 24th minute of the first half of the match which ended in 1-0 in favour of Heegan.

Heegan Vs Bana

In the second half both clubs stepped up counter attacks each wanting to accumulate the three points that a win of a football match brings. Heegan were trying to score another goal to realise victory, while Banadir were committed to compensating for the goal.

However in the 71st minute of the second half Nur Hussein Abdi scored the equalizing goal for his team and the match ended in 1-1 draw for the 90-minute period.

Meanwhile on Thursday Horseed-Sahafi FC clash ended in a goalless draw. Sahafi is now in the 7th position of the competition with only 8 points.

According to the schedules Saturday and Sunday will be rest days because of the Somali Football Federation allowing its local football fans to get a chance to watch the European leagues played on Saturdays and Sundays.

On Monday FC Ports will compete the defending champions Elman FC, while Horseed will play against LLPP Jeenyo on Tuesday.

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