Somali Extremists Kill Eleven Burundian Soldiers in Mogadishu


African Union peacekeepers were attacked and killed on Sunday, by a violent extremist fringe in Somalia. Fifteen other individuals were wounded in the attack.

The United States today strongly condemned the extremist action and offered sympathy and condolences to the families of the eleven Burundian soldiers who were killed.

The State Department said “We commend the governments of Burundi and Uganda as well as the African Union for their courage and continued efforts to support the restoration of stability and effective governance in Somalia.”

“Such acts of terror are the refuge of desperate extremists who aim to strip from the Somali people an opportunity to determine their own future and achieve lasting peace and stability. These acts are also hindering the delivery of critical humanitarian assistance.”

The State Department called on Somalis to support the new unity government led by President Sheikh Sharif and Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke and to reject the violence and extremism intended to prevent Somalia from regaining political and economic stability.

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