Osama Bin Laden Threatens to Kill French Hostages in Somalia

Osama Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, has reportedly warned French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a new audio tape aired by Al Jazeera television based in Qatar.

In the message Bin Laden said that if France does not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, the French hostages held by Al Qaeda will be killed.

He specifically mentioned one French hostage who is currently held in Somalia. He said he would be killed if France ignores Al Qaeda’s demands.

A local source told newsblaze that the French hostage is currently being held in Kismayo, a large port city 500 kilometers South of Mogadisu.

Kismaayo is the third largest city in Somalia and is under strong control of Al Shabaab extremists and foreign fighters.

According to the French media, Sarkozy has already made it clear that he will not fulfil the demands of Al Qaeda.

The French President has declared to take a tough stance against terrorist threats. His government has aroused the wrath of Islamic groups by imposing perceived anti-Muslim measures such as banning the face-veil for women.

Osama’s voice could be obeyed by Al Shabaab leaders in Somalia. It could lead them to fulfill his threats. But analysts say that Osama does not have direct control over Al Shabaab in the matter since local Al Shabaab leaders are more interested in receiving a ransom for the French hostage.

However, the Al Shabaab leaders have not commented on Osama’s message.