NUSOJ General Assembly Kicks Off in Mogadishu

The Fourth General Assembly of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) was officially opened today in Mogadishu. More than 70 delegates from the unions regional branches are attending the General Assembly at Ambassador Hotel on 28th-29th of May 2011.

The Interim Supreme Council president Burhaan Ahmed Daahir, in his welcome remarks thanked the Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication and Ministry of labor, Social Affairs, Youth and Sports for their support. He also thanked the delegates for their time and long travels both by air and land and other dignitaries of the media, civil society organizations, human rights defenders and youth organizations.

“I am glad today that the responsibility leadership successfully completed its assigned tasks, which was the preparation of the General Assembly,” Mr. Burhan said.

Director of Labor Affairs Abdirisak Moalim Elmi announced that the ministry has appointed a three member committee to carry out an investigation regarding the NUSOJ cases.

The chairman of Somali Civil Society in Action, Abdulkadir Ibrahim Gacal Abkow also praised the efforts made in the Assembly of Somali journalists. He urged for solidarity among all fellow journalists.

Mr. Abkow said they fully support and endorse the outcome of the fair elections of the union leaders.

Law Maker Abdi Hashi Abdullahi said in his opening remarks he was delighted with the union assembly with journalists from different regions of the country. He stressed the journalists’ role in the development of the society.

Deputy minister Ali Sheik Abdullahi Afgooye also praised the role of the media in serving the public.

“I am very happy to see different faces of journalists from different regions of the country. We fully endorse the General Assembly’s initiatives and the outcome of the elections,” Ali Sheik Abdullahi said.

The Interim Secretary General Mohammed Ibrahim thanked all delegates who supported and made the Congress possible. He underlined that the Somali journalists are more organized and united.

The deputy minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunication Mohamed Abdulle Geesey who officially opened the General Assembly, thanked the assembly of the journalists in his opening remarks. He highlighted the need for the journalists to be given upgrading courses in journalism course. He also stressed the crucial role of the Somali journalists in advancing peace, justice and prosperity in the country.

“I am pleased that you (NUSOJ) came to your General Assembly and hold your democratic elections inline with your internal union structure, I hope you success and fair elections. The Ministry will fully support the outcome of your assembly and I authorize you to open your meeting,” Mohamed Abdulle Geesey said.

The Fourth General Assembly of the union is held every three years. At the general assembly, the respective delegates will decide NUSOJ strategies and policies for the next three years. They will also elect new leaders for the supreme council.