New Initiative to Boost Mozambican Agricultural Production

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today launched a new initiative aimed to help Mozambican farmers by increasing the quality of local seed production and boosting the country’s overall crop yields.

The new initiative aims to increase the quality of seeds that will help the African country capitalize on its arable land and unlock its potential.

“Increasing agricultural production in a country whose yields are among the lowest in the world starts with boosting productivity.” – Jose de Graca, the coordinator for the FAO project Mozambique

Women in Mozambique with maize,

Only 10 per cent of Mozambique’s arable land is cultivated and most farmers still use sub-standard seeds, according to FAO.

“It has become crucial to increase production. At least 15 per cent of our farmers should have access to quality seeds in five to six years.” -Mahomed Vala, national director of agrarian services in Mozambique’s agriculture ministry

FAO has worked with 15 seed companies and 1,000 small-scale seed growers to stimulate local seed production across Mozambique’s provinces. An estimated 3,500 tons of seeds for crops, including maize, rice, beans, soybeans, and sunflower, were grown.

Mozambique is endowed with rich and extensive natural resources. Mozambique’s present day economy is considered one of huge potential, according to Wikimedia.

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