Is Somalia Slipping Into Abyss?

Bizarre things are happening in Somalia these days that no one has anticipated, but it seems that cannot be avoided unless the mental power works. This country, according to some Western nations, is a threat to the Horn of Africa nations, especially those governments that have boundaries with Somalia. After more than twenty years, Somalia is still known as a failed state and at same time one of the poorest of the modern world. Two decade ago Somalia was able to feed its people without relying on external aid!

Surely the leaders of Somali government have failed politically, economically and socially. Instead of thinking about the future of the people, the politicians have put their weight on how to save their political positions. Therefore the Somali society has become the victim of a wrong policy and incorrect strategy.

Now that the government’s time is almost close to the end, the leaders are trying to save their seats with a new Draft Constitution which seems that most of the Somali people cannot swallow and ingest.

Abdi Dirshe, who is a political analyst and President of Somali Canadian Diaspora Alliance, describes the truth of the new Draft Constitution and how it is not suitable to the Somali people. Dirshe wrote:

“The latest prescription to re-engineer the re-emergence of Somalia as a weak and divided state is drawing a strong resistance from the wider Somali public as they oppose the new “draft Constitution” and characterize it as constituting an unconditional surrender of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia. If it is the Somali people’s sacred duty to safeguard, protect and defend the Constitution and to maintain its supremacy as the embodiment of the will of the people, therefore it is only reasonable for the people of Somalia to participate in and speak for or against the constitution-making process. So when the Somali people spoke out against not only the draft constitution but also against the roadmap, the international community issued a press release designating any Somalis who oppose the draft constitution as “spoilers” with potential undisclosed consequences. This will lead to the radicalization of the society and will surely shift support to the extremist groups like Al-Shabaab.”

Currently it is clear that the Somali people in general want to kill the so Draft Constitution at birth, and for this reason, the government is attacking its people with refusing to pay the salaries of the parliamentarians and members of the army personnel who should safeguard the peace and the security of the capital Mogadishu.

On the streets of Mogadishu, the citizens are outraged and describe the government’s action as blackmail. Local intellectuals and experts predict that it won’t take long before the people fiercely attack the government’s property and the matter could turn into a riot.

The Road Map and the Draft Constitution were prepared and imposed by UNPOS without taking them to the Parliament for debate. Especially compared to the expectations, perhaps due to the speed with which the meeting was convened, with an advance of only three days and although they had been invited a few subjects and all those in favor of transitional institutions to which the international community has assigned the task to ferry the democracy in Somalia.

There were no representatives of important regions such as Somaliland and as well as representatives of civil society and the diaspora. Eight CSOs ( Civil Society Forum ) Mogadishu, Peace and Human Rights Network (PHRN), Somali Women’s Agenda (SWA) Coalition of Grassroots Women Organization ( COGWO ), SONFEX SOSCESNA, Civil Society in Action and Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD), in immediate response, have come together in Mogadishu on 7 and 8 September with a long document denouncing both their exclusion from the conference organized by the UN, and its conclusion dropping in Road Map towards a pacification of the country , without an adequate investigation, or a real involvement of the people.

As the time goes by, Somalia is slipping into abyss and the blame is on those who have imported the Road Map and who are trying to intimidate everyone who is again the Draft Constitution that has no political value for Somalia.

According to some local organization, the UN has allocated 60 million dollars from the donor’s funds, while hundred of thousand of Somali children are dying for malnutrition. All that and more are happening under the eyes of Somali leaders and their masters from UNPOS, AU and IGAD.