Hawiye Elders in Kenya Participate in a High Level Meeting in Nairobi

More than 160 elders of the Hawiye clan in Kenya today took part in a meeting that took place Grand Regency hotel in the city of Nairobi.

The meeting was organised by SYAO. It provided a platform to discuss unity among the Hawiye clan and how to support the government.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, chairman of SYAO, opened the meeting with an address. He urged the elders to be committed in upholding unity. He made arrangements on how to back the Hawiya elders in their region.

Mr Mohamed also urged the elders to make efforts towards defeating the foreign fighters in Hawiye territory.

The discussion opened with a highly sensitive debate. The elders agreed on five articles after the thorough meeting.

  • Hawiye elders condemn the threat of Al Shabaab in Kenya and they apologize for that threat. Kenya is the second home of many Somalis. We don’t want the refugees to be a threat. They also stressed that this threat is only dangerous to Somali refugees and business.
  • Hawiye elders will establish a formal committee of Hawiye elders in Kenya.
  • The elders support the recent government offensive against the Al Shabaab in Somalia. They urged the government to continue their efforts to defeat and oust Al Shabaab.
  • The elders commit to continuing meetings of the Hawiye clan in Nairobi.
  • They commit to forgive other Hawiye and their acts as part of the civil war.

    This meeting was the first to take place between Hawiye clan elders in Kenya. The chairman of SYAO promised to continue the program to promote unity within the Hawiye clan.