Hawiya Elders in Kenya Elect New Leader

After a high level meeting, organized by SYAO, Hawiye elders in Kenya elected general Ali Hashi Barale as their leader.

The lunch meeting was attended by a large number of Hawiye elders and took place in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi.

The meeting highlighted the importance of unity among the Hawiye community in Nairobi and called on the elders to cooperate with each other.

After a discussion, the elders announced that the Hawiye community would be led and represented by Ali Hashi Barale, who used to be a general in the Somali army before the breakout of the civil war.

General Hashi is extremely opposed to the Shabab. He promises to participate in every way possible to unite the Hawiye accross the world from his location in Kenya.

Hashi thanked SYAO for arranging the meeting. He named his two deputies and a secretary general to assist him in his task. He also requested the SYAO not to end their efforts towards promoting unity and cooperation of the Hawiye.

Hashi addressed the media after the meeting and expressed his congratulations to Ismail Gelle, the re-elected president of Djibouti, with his achievement of being elected to the presidential office for the third time.

General Ali Hashi was born in the Dhusamareeb district in 1948 and served many functions under the government of Siad Barre. He was appointed governor of the lower Shabelle region and has been a part of Somalia’s armed forces since 1977. He finally retired as general.

SYAO had already arranged a large meeting between Hawiye elders in the Grand Regency hotel last month. The organization has been very active in facilitation the cooperation between Hawiye elders in Kenya.